Call of Duty Warzone: Verdansk International Airport Location Guide - Best Loot Spots, Tips And Tricks And Strategy For The Modern Warfare Battle Royale

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Call of Duty: Warzone is now available and players are dropping into the 150-player Modern Warfare Battle Royale.

Verdansk International Airport is a sizeable drop zone that offers plenty of cover and great loot.

If you're struggling to make the most of this lucrative drop location, here are our tips and tricks to succeed.

Verdansk International Airport Map

Places Of Interest

  • 1 - Highway Junction
  • 2 - Runway Underpass (North)
  • 3 - Runway Underpass (South)
  • 4 - Control Tower Complex
  • 5 - Main Runway (West)
  • 6 - Main Runway (East)
  • 7 - Terminal: West Lounge and Coffee Shop
  • 8 - Terminal: Gate Access
  • 9 - Plane Wreckage
  • 10 - Main Terminal
  • 11 - Terminal: Parking Structure and Skybridges
  • 12 - Three Hangars
  • 13 - Apartments and Metro (Airport)
  • 14 - Vehicle Showroom (Airport)

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Vehicle And Buy Locations

Best Landing And Loot Locations

Control Tower Complex (4)

Verdansk airport's control tower offers some of the best loot you'll find in Warzone. It's on fire so you can't miss it, and is surrounded by other buildings that offer more looting spots.

If you make it to the top, you'll have an incredible 360-degree view of the surrounding areas, but you'll also be in the sights of any eagle-eyed snipers.

Three Hangars (12)

It might not be as exciting as the control tower, but these hangars offer open interiors which make it easy to spot intruders.

You've also got roof access, but you'll need to either drop in via helicopter or parachute – making it easier to defend than something like Atlas Superstore.


Fortunately, you won't need to worry too much about what's outside as there are no interesting locations opposite.

The action will be coming from behind you and the terminal itself - so be wary upon exit.

Main Terminal (10)

As far as interiors go with plenty of opportunities for all playstyles, the Main Terminal is a 'one-location-suits-all' kind of spot.


It offers decent sightlines thanks to its vast windows, as well as plenty of opportunities to get the drop on defensive teams with multiple access and egress routes, as well as corridors for shotgun users to unleash hell.

It's certainly one of the safer places to land in the airport and the most lucrative.

Strategy, Tips & Tricks

You can't really go wrong with Verdansk Airport in terms of loot and cover, as well as the verticality offered by the control tower and main terminal.

The main issue is one of mobility. There's only one vehicle spawn point, but you'll need to avoid fire from the aforementioned elevated spots to make it there and make it out.

While there are two Buy Stations, we'd recommend leaving the one to the North well alone – it offers little in the way of cover, so only stop there quickly if you're on the way to the aforementioned vehicle.

Don't forget as well, that the Airport is one of the most northern locations – making it a tough sell if the ring is closing anywhere else.

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