Modern Warfare Season 5: Trench Gunfight Map Guide, Tips And Tricks, Easter Egg Tutorial

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Season 4 of Modern Warfare and Warzone is now live across all platforms after a slight delay. Along with a wealth of brand-new weapons, changes to Warzone, new Operator skins and more, a new Gunfight map was introduced to the map pool.

Set in the backdrop of the infamous Ferris Wheel in Pripyat, Ukraine, Trench is an open map containing clear sightlines above the trenches that intertwine around the flanks and through the middle.

In this guide, find everything that you need to know about the map, including the location of the overtime flag and some handy tactics on how to play the map.


Map Overview

Trench Map Overview

Objective Location

Trench Overtime Flag Location

The overtime flag is situated in the centre of the map but some well-placed sandbags and barrels make for excellent cover from the sides. It's important to be aware of the front and the back of the flag as it's very easy to be taken out from behind.



How to Play

Trench Modern Warfare Map Guide

All-out Attack

Thanks to the open nature of this map, it is very easy to sprint straight across the top of the trenches to take the opponent by surprise. This particular tactic works extremely well when you have fully automatic and mobile weapons such as the MP5.

The supreme mobility combined with the fast rate of fire enables you to traverse across the map quickly and take them out with just a few bullets to the upper body.


Quick on the Draw

If you and your duo find yourself armed with either a sniper rifle, marksman rifle or a slow-firing pistol such as the .357, this slower and more patient strategy relies on supreme positioning as opposed to total aggression.

One player can hold the open area above the trenches while the other can opt to secure either the left or right flank to prevent the other team from gaining any form of map control before the overtime flag goes live.


In the Trenches

The area above the trenches fields minimal cover meaning that the opposing team are likely going to take some form of shelter within the trenches running through the map. Rather than remain above ground, lockdown both left and right sides of the trench.

Try to take the enemy down if possible but if not, wait for the utility to come online a few seconds into the round and use it to locate the whereabouts of the enemy.


Easter Egg

There's a unique Easter Egg on this map that allows you to access the bunker!

We won't spoil what the Easter Egg is and how to do it here, check out our guide right here.