Modern Warfare Season 4: The Trench Map Has A Secret Bunker, Here's How To Open It

Modern Warfare Season 4, as well as Warzone's new season, kicked off today and there's a nifty little easter egg hidden in Trench, the latest Gunfight map.

Here's how to find it.

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Modern Warfare Season 4: Unlock the Trench Bunker

It's worth noting that you can find this easter egg in a private match which we'd recommend - nobody wants to be your teammate when you're more focused on getting into a hidden area.

You'll need to find five numbers that are scattered around the map to be able to piece together a combination. Check out this helpful video from TheGamingRevolution to find them all.

Once you have the digits, shoot them into the keypad by the bunker door to open it.

Inside there are some soft toys and cold war computers, but you can actually get further inside.

Listen to the red telephone to get another access code (or just use this 53125) on the same keypad before. This will cause the red phone to ring, and give a prompt to answer it.

Once you do so, the doors will open and... well, we'll just let you enjoy the surprise.

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