Modern Warfare Season 5: Promenade Map Guide & Tips And Tricks To Improve Your Gameplay

Season 5 of Modern Warfare and Warzone is in full swing, with plenty of brand-new content for both Warzone and Modern Warfare players to get their teeth stuck into.

The Barakett Promenade, one of the largest areas from the Warzone map, has made its way to Ground War as the latest map for the large-scale team warfare mode.

In this guide, we take a look at some of the key hotspots, the best strategies for success and the best weapons to use on the map.

Map Overview

Promenade Ground War map
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In contrast to the rest of the Ground War map pool, the map is extremely narrow, with hardly any vehicles, encouraging plenty of player-versus-player action.

Promenade may be the only map on Modern Warfare that truly embraces a three-lane map design, with the two streets on the left and right side of the map providing excellent lines of sight for snipers while the middle market is a haven for plenty of close-quarters engagements.

Key Hotspots

The Entire Map!

Promenade Ground War Map Guide
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Unlike the more open Ground War maps, players are thrust straight into the action as soon as they spawn into the game, whether it’s coming under fire from snipers overlooking the spawn area from the streets or the ensuing chaos taking place throughout the middle of the map.

If there’s one key area of the map to maintain control of, it is definitely the market that runs through the middle of the map, separating the two streets.

Keeping hold of the central lane makes it very easy for teams to secure objectives and advance towards the enemy spawn, locking in a lethal spawn trap that is extremely difficult to escape.

How to Play

Lock Down Middle

With all the objectives located in the central lane, securing control of the middle market is crucial to enable you and your teammates to advance towards the opposition base and lock them in a deadly spawn trap. Use the cover and many corners within the market to catch enemies off-guard as you make a play onto a hotly contested flag.

Passive Aggressive

It is very easy to avoid the middle of the map entirely and still have an impact on the game. Sitting back in the early stages, picking off any aggressors with a sniper or marksman rifle can be an extremely effective way to earn some high killstreaks to use on the chaotic middle section. 

Once used, push up towards the action using the streets on the left and right-hand side to prevent any enemies from attempting a sneaky flank, undoing all the hard work the aggressive players have done.

Recommended Weapons

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