Modern Warfare: Piccadilly Map Guide & Tips And Tricks To Improve Your Gameplay on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019

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Hence the name, this Modern Warfare map resembles Piccadilly Circus in London. With no real structure, there is a plethora of cover that players can use to duck and dive around the map. There are a few power positions that overlook some of the less crowded areas of the map, ideal for Assault Riflers (AR) and snipers.

There are numerous ways to play this map thanks to the unpredictable nature of the spawns but with our guidance, you will know the key areas, hotspots and objective locations along with some trusty Modern Warfare tips and tricks to lead you to victory on the streets of London.



The Map

With plenty of cars scattered around the map, it is very easy to be caught out by a sudden explosion caused from an incoming grenade. It is easy to move from the library over towards the arches but it can be extremely difficult to cross without being spotted.


With such an array of engagement opportunities, nearly every weapon class is viable on Piccadilly. You may even get away with sprinting around with a combat knife in hand!

Objective Locations



Piccadilly has eight Hardpoint locations on the map. To guarantee victory, control of points 8,4 and 7 is essential. It is also important to rotate quickly but it is easy to be taken out so equip smoke grenades to navigate the map safely.


The three locations are straightforward to locate, A and C are near both Allegiance and Coalition spawns while the B flag is sandwiched between the busses in the middle of the map. Control the B flag to lock in a nasty spawn trap.

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Search & Destroy

The A bombsite is located in the courtyard. With lots of places to overlook in a post-plant situation, it is easy to defend but difficult to get the bomb down. The B bombsite has plenty of cover from abandoned cars, making it the preferred sight to launch an attack.

Cyber Attack


Both sites are covered well thanks to the busses and cars on the map. It is very easy to quickly move the bomb towards the desired objectives quickly. Be aware of a quick counter attack that can happen however.



Aural Chic

The modern sports shop is a two-storey building that is a hive of close-quarters activity. Before entering, be aware of players jumping up through the top window looking to make a massive play by breaching the door and taking down everyone hidden behind the desk.

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Located outside the construction building, the scaffolding is a perfect position to mount your weapon and pick off enemies that attempt to cross from the library and to the arches. It is important to consider the flanking routes that can even catch the most observant of players off guard.


With three access points, the library is a hard building to maintain control of. Ideal for shotgunners and SMG players, players can deal a huge amount of damage onto the opposition if you can enter relatively undetected.

How To Play

Use Grenades

Using grenades off the break is a great way to acquire a couple of kills before you come into any proper contact with the enemy.

Spawn Trap


Despite recent changes to the spawn logic on Piccadilly, it is still very easy to lock one team into one side of the map. Use this technique to score several kills and maybe even secure a Nuke in the process.


Your Playstyle & The Best Class

There are many ways to play Piccadilly. The best way to get the W is an aggressive style with either an MP5 SMG or an M4A1 in hand to take down your enemies quickly. With so many lines of sight, a balanced class setup is essential for success.

Recommended weapons

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Written byJon Nicholson@MrJonno_95