CDL 2020: Why The New York Franchise Will Be The Best Team After Rostermania

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The Modern Warfare 2019 season has yet to even start and already teams are starting to form ahead of the 2020 Call of Duty League. CDL 2020 Rostermania has had little to say for itself since COD Champs 2019, but since the Modern Warfare Beta closed its started to ramp up. Modern Warfare 2019 Esports will be the first time in Call of Duty history we see franchises introduced and one team stands out from the rest at present.

In the first episode of LFT, we also cover how the Alliance DOTA 2 roster have left the org, Griffin's manager has left just before Worlds, GeT_RiGhT leaves Ninjas In Pyjamas and coldzera joins FaZe Clan the week of ESL One New York 2019.

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New York The Top CDL Franchise

Rostermania has been in limbo for a while, it's only been in the past weeks that we've seen some action take place. So far only two franchises have completed their rosters: London and New York. Where London has some great talent and are all familiar with each other, the experience and synergy looks to be unmatched with New York's squad.

The team consisting of Zooma, Attach, Zer0, Accuracy and Temp is a team to be feared with. Despite these players individually not having the most successful year on Black Ops 4, it's fair to say that all of these players are considered veterans that are willing to work hard and show off their talent on the big stages; not to mention a number of these players have teamed with each other before.

You can read the latest Rostermania rumours and confirmed transfers here.

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Griffin Coach Leaves Before Worlds

Griffin has mutually parted ways with their head coach cvMax just before Worlds. cvMax said this was due to a conflict with the organisations/leadership and was informed that he was going to be fired due to the team's lack ofsuccess

This has surprised many fans as he helped grow the team from being obscure to a strong contender in the LCK and qualifying for Worlds.The team was looking to do well in Worlds but with his departure the uncertaintymakes that difficult.

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Alliance DOTA 2 Roster Departs

Alliance announced their entire DOTA 2 roster is departing. The players expressed adesire to “try a new environment” and have been officially released from their contracts.

Alliance’s journey has been a rollercoaster, they had low points such as not qualifying for last year's 'The International', to qualifying in this years (which they finished in 13th place). Seeing these improvements being made would naturally make the departure a lot more upsetting to Alliance, as they now have to start all over again, as for the players it will be interesting to see where they end up.

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GeT_Right Leaves NIP

Expressed in a tweet, veteran CSGO player Get_Right announced that he is leaving Ninjas In Pyjamas. This is an end of an era, Get_Right has been instrumental in taking the team to incredible heights in his long career. As sad as it is, this isn’t a huge surprise, his exit has been in discussion for months after the organisation started to look for a replacement back in June.

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Once a Ninja, always a Ninja. Thank you for everything, @GeT_RiGhTA new chapter for Christopher Alesund: CS:GO Roster Update
— Ninjas in Pyjamas 🇸🇪 (@NiPGaming)
September 26, 2019

Coldzera Joins FAZE Clan

Having first been rumoured after the Berlin Major, it’s been confirmed that Coldzera has joined FaZe Clan and no time was wasted as they competed over the weekend at ESL One New York. Obviously there were a few teething issues, as he unfortunately ended with the worst K/D ratio he's ever had at an event. Despite that, these are early days and as he settles in we’ll see how FaZe benefit from this acquisition.

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Written ByChris Trout@TheTrout91

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