DOTA 2: Midas Mode 2 Greatest Moments From Slacks, EGM And Sing Sing

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Moonduck’s second iteration of DOTA 2 Midas Mode has already come with plenty of great moments, what with Valve adjusting the entire DPC calendar to allow for the ultimate meme dream to be born. We compiled a list of our top moments from the tournament itself.

For anyone unfamiliar, Midas Mode is a game mode where each team is given a set of starting currency called MOONBUCKS, which they must use for every action in the game (and we mean everything). How each team decides to use that money is up to them. Heroes will cost money and their price will rise or drop depending on their popularity and win rate, you can also ban heroes for a fraction of their original price.


Slacks’ Stand-in Goodness

While people may be unaware of this, Slacks is one of the most successful stand-ins that DOTA has seen - right behind DeMoN in our unofficial rankings. He’s already placed second at TI6 as a stand-in for Digital Chaos, so it shouldn’t have come to anyone’s surprise that Puppey requested him to fill in against the stream dream team.

SingSing found out first hand how deadly Slacks’ pocket techies pick could be though, as he was reminded not to ever follow a Techies' into the trees.


EGM betrayed by Roshan ft. Moxxi

While 2013’s Alliance may have had Roshan’s number, with their level 1 cheese strats, EGM wasn’t quite as lucky this time around. Rosh had his revenge, as a hyper-speed few right clicks helped him to catch him out right in the nick of time. If you’re wondering why he’s the reincarnated version of Mike Tyson, well, there may be a man in the VR booth swinging away as wildly as humanly possible to take down a Tea Eye winner.

Moxxi’s pure, unadulterated joy was really what brought this moment out.


CS:GO Fans Collectively Broke Down and Cried

Love them or hate them, Valve’s been pretty hands off about some of their games. DOTA’s been given free reign, compared to things like League of Legends, with an open tournament circuit;  but still gets some love from daddy Gaben now and then. CS:GO however, has been curled up in a corner waiting to have a pre-recorded video saying “Welcome to the Major” for 15 majors now.

Midas Mode saw GabeN making an appearance to meme like only Valve can. DOTA was shown some favouritism, as the king of the open circuit himself descended from his throne to welcome everyone to Midas Mode.


SingSing Glory Days

Those who are fortunate enough to remember the days of SingSing’s original stack streams, pro teams and dashed Cloud9 tournament dreams, will remember his Mirana play. Despite not having actively participated in professional play for multiple years, he went on to remind the greatest team to ever play DOTA (TI8 and TI9 winners OG) just why he rose to fame.

As reddit users were quick to point out, the arrow really was “Not luck, but skill”, as he was able to determine the proximity of the Jerax invoker.


Those have been our top moments from Midas Mode, what about yours? Tweet and follow us for more DOTA 2 content.

Written ByMamoon Sabri@ggTeaTime