Modern Warfare Season 2: Reddit Fans Unimpressed With New Content In Leaked Trailer

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We're a day away from the launch of Modern Warfare Season 2 and the trailer has been leaked!

Naturally, everyone is quick to react and give their own opinion on what was presented. Reddit, in particular, are amongst those dropping their review.


The new content, so far, seems a bit light on maps and seems to lack information about what players can expect in their Battle Pass.

What's The Verdict?

In fact, the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare subreddit looks to be divided between those looking forward to the fresh additions and those that are expecting the game to begin to tail off after a strong first season of post-launch content.

For context, the first season of Modern Warfare kicked off on December 3 of last year, and brought with it three new maps for multiplayer, a new Ground War map, and three gunfight maps alongside new spec-ops missions and multiplayer modes, while weapons and a new operator were added via the game’s first battle pass.



While the second season of content brings a new battle pass (with fan favourite Ghost the included operator along with new weapons), it only brings one gunfight map, one Ground War map, and one multiplayer map – or at least as far as we know.

Factoring in that the new multiplayer map is Rust, many are bemoaning the lack of fresh ways to play, while many are assuming the lack of new content is down to the amount of effort being poured into the game’s customisation options like skins.

While there’s always the chance Infinity Ward and Activision have some surprises planned for later in the season, it’s looking increasingly likely that each season will offer diminishing returns.


Plenty are speculating that Boneyard could be cut down to a 6v6 map, as we know from the Spec Ops mode it includes Scrapyard.

Scrapyard is another infamous MW2 map, which would be perfect for 6v6. It would also make sense why there appear to be fewer maps, as it wouldn't need to be highlighted specifically as it's already in plain sight.

Since the trailer has been leaked and there is no context behind it, we can only draw conclusions from what we have.

Battle Royale

There have been constant rumblings about a Battle Royale mode coming to the game and the lack of new additions in Season 2 suggests that there’s always the possibility it could make a surprise appearance.



In fact, the aforementioned Modern Warfare subreddit has already worked out that the game’s Spec-Ops maps and Ground War areas form part of a larger whole, suggested to be the Battle Royale map.

Check out the image below, courtesy of r/ModernWarfare.