Modern Warfare Season 2: Confirmed Maps In The Next Season - Rust, Scrapyard, Boneyard, Atlas Superstore And Bazaar

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Modern Warfare Season 2 has arrived for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

The launch of the new season and a number of new maps is in full swing!


It's a real nostalgic trip taking inspiration from a Call of Duty classic - Modern Warfare 2.

Here's what you need to know about Modern Warfare Season 2.

We're LIVE!

Season 2 is here, and now our sights are set on the inevitability of the Battle Royale

New Blog Post From Activision

Activision dropped plenty of news on us earlier today, some of it came as a surprise whilst some information was already public knowledge.

New Trailer Leak

Overnight, a new leak emerged for Season 2!


Ahead of the start of Season 2 the trailer has leaked via Xbox profile capture, noted by CODTracker.

The new trailer revealed a bunch of new maps coming to Modern Warfare, which were later confirmed by Activision's post.

Boneyard Finally Makes It To Multiplayer And Scrapyard Joins The Party!

Boneyard has been rumoured to appear in Call of Duty games ever since Modern Warfare 2 launched.

Since then we've been content with Scrapyard, which is a scaled-back version of the classic MW2 campaign mission - it's one of the franchise favourites.

Speculation has risen that Scrapyard may appear as it can be spotted in the Boneyard section of Spec Ops.

After the latest trailer leak, it's been confirmed that Boneyard will be implemented along with Scrapyard.


It's likely to follow a similar path as Port of Verdansk and Vacant - Vacant was an area of the new Ground War map and was later converted into a 6v6 map.

Naturally, it makes sense for this to occur for Scrapyard and Boneyard as players will get two maps in one and save precious megabytes in the file size.

It's a surprise to see this map added as it was only just introduced in COD Mobile Season 3.

modern warfare season 2 boneyard ground war map

Rust Returns

Yep, the iconic MW2 map 'Rust' will be added to Modern Warfare multiplayer in Season 2 on day one- first reported by CharlieIntel.

modern warfare season 2 rust

The outlet showed that the AR Card they were given back in July for the MW reveals had updated to reveal Rust. 

It's also worth pointing out that during the Ghost teaser that we saw a glimpse of Rust was seen.

Atlas Superstore

This huge retail building is one of the new 6v6 maps to arrive in Modern Warfare's multiplayer.

It looks like it’s part-warehouse and part-store, and with tight store aisles leading into multiple chokepoints.

If you were worried about a lack of aerial support in this indoor map, don’t panic, the trails opens with a care package falling in via gaps meaning your aerial killstreaks are safe!

modern warfare season 2 atlas superstore


One of the new Gunfight maps coming in Season 2 is Bazaar, resembling a lot of the same features from the multiplayer map Rammaza.

From what we’re shown in the Bazaar section of the trailer, the map is located in Urzikstan, a region where much of the game’s campaign takes place.

It looks like there will be an added degree of versatility in this battlefield, showing at least two levels of fighting.

What Maps Will Be In Season 2 Of Modern Warfare?

Before the game launched, there were 38 maps found in the PC files that were not included at launch.


It's not uncommon for games to ship with extra content that has no intention of being released - but we know there is a lot of content coming in the Modern Warfare cycle.

In the most 1.13 patch update, 10 maps were found and are still frontrunners to be included in Season 2:

  • Rust (confirmed)
  • Borderline
  • Takedown
  • Backlot
  • Village
  • Offshore
  • Faridah
  • Emporium
  • Layover (Ground War)
  • Boneyard (Ground War) (confirmed)


There are plenty of familiar maps included in there - two, in particular, are Backlot and Village that were recently added to the game.


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