MW2 Campaign Remastered: Easter Eggs In Modern Warfare 2

MW2 Campaign Remastered is now live and it brings with it a bunch of new and old easter eggs that will no doubt please fans.

With that in mind, here's the list of our favourite easter eggs that you can find while exploring off the beaten path.


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Modern Warfare 2 Remastered: Easter Eggs

Yuri Is In No Russian

Another easter egg that we won't find out about until MW3, is that Yuri was present during the No Russian mission. Markarov finds out that he was planning to betray him, so he decides to shoot Yuri and leave him for dead.

He can now be found in the game towards the beginning, where the metal detectors lie.

Whether it is intentional or not, you can get him to move from his position.

Stealth Clowns

In the SSD tutorial mission at the start of the game, three clowns have been added in that you need to shoot with your Barret .50cal. This is a reference to ex-community manager Robert Bowling when he called himself a "Stealth Clown" while showing off the new map "Carnival" in the second DLC pack.

Robert Bowling is also featured vocally in the game as the person shouting at you during the pit drill.

Precognitive Paranoia

This is a great Easter Egg for a number of reasons, the obvious one is that you get to kill Shepherd before everything begins and he betrays you; which rewards you with an achievement/trophy.

But it's also a nice callback to the Time Paradox achievement/trophy in Modern Warfare Remastered. In Modern Warfare Remastered, during the One Shot One Kill snipe mission (where you place as Captain Price and are tasked with shooting Zhakaev) you can shoot Makarov, who is sat in the getaway vehicle.

In the original COD4, he's not present and is replaced with a generic enemy. We later find out in a flashback from Yuri he was there after all.

Both these achievements/trophies deal with resolving an issue before it unfolds.

Makarov's Men's... Companion

While looking around the Makarov safehouse on the Georgia/Russian border, looking into one of the bathtubs will reveal a... err... inflatable sex doll.

Each to their own.

Delayed For Good?

During the controversial 'No Russian' missions, keep an eye on the departure boards while exploring. As you traverse the airport, you'll notice them flicking over to Delayed – who really needs to update boards at a time like this? 


Once you finish the campaign, the game's 'Museum' opens up and lets you look at really cool dioramas depicting scenes from the campaign.

It's not as exciting as the first game's Mile High Club mission, but it's still a fun reason to stick around.

The Latest Issue Of Gulag

If you've been perusing the shelves of the airport's duty-free shops, there's an actual magazine titled Gulag. Of course, we do end up visiting a Gulag later in the game.

Handing Back Command

When Soap and Price are reunited, the former hands the latter his handgun. This is a great callback to the first game's climax, where Price slid the pistol to Soap to kill Zakhaev.

Private Hudson

Once the EMP hits, one soldier gets a little overwhelmed and begins panicking – and starts quoting Aliens' cowardly Private Hudson.

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