MW2 Campaign Remastered: How To Unlock The Museum In The Campaign Mode

If you're jumping onto the MW2 Campaign Remastered, then you will have noticed on the main menu a tab called "The Museum".

This is a great little epilogue and easter egg feature that you can load into.

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How To Unlock The Museum In MW2 Campaign Remastered

To unlock the museum in the MW2 Campaign Remastered, you must first complete the campaign mode on any difficulty.

The museum contains many weapons and some of the vehicles featured within the game (although these cannot be driven).

The museum is made up displays depicting the different mission from the game, complete with the characters involved. These characters do come to life and will act out those missions.

You can shoot these characters and have the opportunity to fight them. If the player walks up to the main desk, where a big red button is, it will say "Do NOT press" when standing next to it.

If you do interact with this button, the figurines will come to life and seek to attack you. The difficulty of these enemies will depend on the difficulty setting you select when loading the level.

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