MW2 Campaign Remastered Walkthrough: The Gulag Mission Walkthrough Veteran Difficulty

The remastered campaign for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is live on PS4 and is to be released on PC and Xbox on April 30th.

In this article, find a full walkthrough of The Gulag mission along with some handy tips to help you rescue prisoner 627 in record time.

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Mission Walkthrough

As soon as you have secured control of the oil rigs, you and the task force are straight back into the action as you begin the assault on the gulag. Armed with a sniper rifle from the helicopter, focus on the enemies on the turrets to enable the choppers to land inside the walls.

MW2 Campaign Remastered Gulag Walkthrough
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Once the 141 has landed on the ground, take down the enemies holding the upper walls so you can begin pushing on the entrance to the inside of the gulag.

TIP: Deal with these enemies quickly as there is minimal cover to utilise, meaning speed and movement is key.

MW2 Campaign Remastered The Gulag Veteran
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Follow MacTavish into the second level of the cells and take out the opposition fighters on the other side of the gate while Ghost gets to grips with the ancient hardware. Head down to the weapon armoury.


Use this moment to arm yourself with a shotgun for those close-quarters engagements. With Ghost unable to open the doors, leaving you pinned in the armoury, grab a riot shield and fend off the surrounding enemies as Ghost opens the door.

MW2 remastered the gulag
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Now free from the armoury, continue moving through the cellblocks and rappel to the very bottom of the gulag.

Now with night vision goggles equipped, continue the search through the cells while taking out anyone resisting the offence.

MW2 Remastered The Gulag Mission guide
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After another close call from the Navy, push through the pipeline network and prepare to breach into the showers of the gulag.

Head towards the left side of the gulag for maximum cover and clear lines of sight onto the enemies in the second part of the showers.


TIP: To deal with the riot shields quickly, flank them from either side of the showers or cook your frag grenades and bounce them off a wall to take them out quickly.

Once the riot shields are dealt with, eliminate any enemies left standing on the upper floors before making your move down the hole at the furthest end of the showers. Now in the old tunnel system, make your way to the wall where you are about to rescue prisoner 627.

MW2 Remastered Captain Price
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Before you have a chance to engage in a target, the prisoner knocks you straight to the ground and points an AK47 into your face.

Before things escalate, it turns out that prisoner 627 is revered captain from the first Modern Warfare game, Captain Price.

MW2 remastered the gulag mission walkthrough veteran difficulty
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By this time, the Navy has run out of patience and begins the offence early, sending parts of the building to the ground.

With a seemingly clean run to the chopper outside, a large pile of rubble falls and blocks off the exit, forcing you to take an alternative route out of the gulag.

Roach gets knocked to the ground by some rubble while MacTavish fires a flare to attract the attention of the helicopter. Clip onto the rope and be whisked out of the gulag just before it comes crashing down.


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Obtainable Trophies/Achievements

  •  Soap on a Rope – Storm the gulag.
  • Prisoner 627 – Complete “The Only Easy Day…Was Yesterday” and “The Gulag” on Veteran difficulty.
  • Unnecessary Roughness – Use a Riot shield to beat down an enemy. 
  • Knock-knock – Kill 4 enemies with 4 shots during a slow-mo breach.

Intel Locations

  • Intel #1 – Head up the staircase located outside the entrance of the gulag.The laptop is on top of some filing cabinets. 
  • Intel #2 – Behind the televisions in the first control room. The laptop is on the desk. 
  • Intel #3 – When clearing out the first wave of cells, look for cell 327. The laptop is inside the cell on a table. 
  • Intel #4 – After rescuing Price, the laptop is on the table behind you.
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