MW2 Campaign Remastered Walkthrough: Cliffhanger Mission Walkthrough Veteran Difficulty

The remastered Modern Warfare 2 campaign is now live! The complete remaster of the epic single-player mode forms the 2009 instalment of the franchise has been released, complete with several graphical and physical improvements.

Cliffhanger is one of the most iconic campaign missions in the history of the franchise, utilising the art of stealth before all hell breaks loose in the blizzard.

In this article, find a comprehensive walkthrough along with some handy tips to help you complete the mission in record time!

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Introducing Call of Duty legend Soap MacTavish, captain of Task Force 141. Playing as “Roach” you find yourself perilously close to the edge of a ravine while a blizzard blows around you.

Following Soap up the cliff is very straightforward regardless of which difficulty you select.


The only tricky part is timing your jump across the ravine. When timed correctly, Soap will slide down the ledge, catch you and hoist you up the ice wall.

TIP: Fully utilise your heartbeat sensor to your advantage. It is perfect for keeping a low profile, allowing you to avoid enemies and enables you to select which targets to take down without alerting others to their location.

Once the second pair of soldiers are dealt with, you and Soap will head off in separate directions.

Make your way to the refuelling station to plant the C4.

TIP: One the way back to Soap, there are one of two ways of playing it. The first is sneaky, without alerting any enemies and the second is deliberately alerting the opposition. This way is much harder but there is plenty more action to get stuck into.

Now reunited with the captain at the back of the hangar, follow him inside where he will take care of an unsuspecting soldier. Head upstairs to secure the ACS module which can be found on the desk.

With the ACS module secured, Soap radios in saying he’s been compromised and there is a large enemy presence in front of the hanger.

Under his instructions, it’s time for plan B. Detonate the charge at any point during the five-second countdown to distract the enemies, giving you valuable time to take them out and begin your escape.

With Soap giving you covering fire, make your way across the runway to the gap in the fence. Slide down but remember to turn around for the enemies trying to take you down from above.

TIP: Watch out for snowmobiles once down the slope. It is very easy to be taken down by one if you’re unaware of it arriving at full speed.

Once you have commandeered a snowmobile, dart in and out of the trees and head to the chopper.


Intel Locations

The first piece of intel can be found after Soap and Roach split up. The laptop is located on a small catwalk on a watchtower.

The objective marker should read around 20 metres away from where you need to be.

Intel number two can be found after you have placed the explosive charge on the fuelling station. As you make your way back to MacTavish, look in the hangar where two technicians wearing orange suits are working.

Take them down or follow Soap into the building with the ACS unit inside. You must break the windows in order to get this piece of intel.

The third and final piece of intel in the mission is a bit tricky to get to. During the snowmobile chase, stay on the right side of the course and look out for a fence.

Once you’ve reached the fence, you will come out into a small clearing with a group of trees in the middle of your screen. Head towards the trees and the laptop will be on the ground. Simply drive over it to secure it.


Black Diamond is awarded for completing ‘Cliffhanger’ on Veteran difficulty.

You can also receive the 'Ghost' achievement/trophy by planting the C4 without alerting or injuring anyone in the blizzard.

This mission is also a great opportunity to get the 'No Rest For the Wary' achievement/trophy for knifing an enemy without him ever knowing you were there.

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