MW2 Campaign Remastered Walkthrough: S.S.D.D And Team Player Mission Walkthrough Veteran Difficulty

The remastered campaign from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is now live! The complete remaster of the epic single-player mode forms the 2009 instalment of the franchise has been released, complete with several graphical and physical improvements.

S.S.D.D and Team Player are the first missions of the campaign and for those that have never played or are playing on Veteran difficulty, it can be tricky to make it past some missions unscathed.

In this article, find a comprehensive walkthrough along with some handy tips to help you complete the mission in record time!

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The opening prologue to the campaign is fairly straightforward regardless of what difficulty you want to play on.

Teach the new recruits by shooting the targets and throwing a frag grenade as per the instructions of Sgt. Foley.

Once you’ve completed this, head towards the Pit to run the course while General Shepherd is watching.

Like the Call of Duty 4 campaign, you must run the course, shooting targets and avoiding any civilian casualties.

The time you score determines the recommended difficulty that you should play the campaign but if you really fancy a challenge, go straight to Veteran!

Once you’ve completed the course and are happy with your time, the siren goes and you are whisked away to the front line.


Intel Locations

There is only one piece of intel to be found in the opening prologue to the campaign.

After you have completed the weapons presentation, the intel can be found on a white equipment shelf under a watchtower near the perimeter fencing of the base.


There are a number of achievements/trophies you can grab in the opening of the game.

'Back in the Saddle' will be awarded for making it through the tutorial.

'Pit Boss' is given for completing The Pit in under 30 seconds.

'The Student Surpasses the Master' requires you to again complete The Pit and beat the best time set.

'Precognitive Paranoia' is given for killing General Shepherd, simply look up above before starting The Pit run and shoot him in the head.

'Clown in Training' can be done in this area by shooting clowns placed around the training camp, pick up the Barret .50cal sniper rifle from the shooting range. One is located towards the south-west of the shooting range where you pick up the sniper. The second is located in the south-east on a tractor, head across the basketball court and towards the gates of the compound. The final one requires you to go up the tower located in the north-west, the clown is on the roof of building 4 (located to the north).

Team Player

Just after arriving at the front line, you are sent hurtling to the ground after an RPG hits your vehicle.

Once Shepherd has got you back on your feet, you and your comrades are met with a barrage of enemy fire from across the river.

Take them down with precise accuracy and trigger discipline so you don’t waste any ammunition.

TIP: Use the M203 grenade launcher to eliminate multiple enemies at once.

Once you have pushed back the opposition on the other side of the river, the mobile bridge will cross the gap to your left.

Make your way up the stairs and onto the turret of an armoured vehicle where you’ll watch a friendly airstrike take down any stragglers.

As you drive through the war-torn village, enemy soldiers will watch you and your convoy roll through the village but it is VERY important not to engage with the enemy however tempting it is to fire up the machine gun and let loose.

A couple of enemy shots will head in your direction and Foley will give you the order to reign fire onto the buildings.

Take down as many as possible before the convoy retreats to safety outside before an RPG removes you from the turret. Crawl along the ground to your squadmates and begin to clear the building.


TIP: Be aware of the two enemies that push down the stairs to avoid an untimely death. Don’t forget to utilise the flashbangs to clear out the rooms quickly.

Once the building is clear, you will find yourself at the front of a school. Be aware of a wealth of enemies hidden in cover and any incoming grenades that may take you down.

Aim for the head of the opposition to take them down quickly to allow you to advance into the school. Move upstairs to clear out the enemies laying fire onto Hunter 2-3 from the upper windows.

Once those are dealt with, Hunter 2-3 will send their thanks and you’ll head out of the school and into a narrow alleyway full of enemies attempting to halt your progress to the extraction point.

Check the rooftops for any snipers or RPGs to take you down. Once those targets are taken down, sprint to the rally point where Shepherd will hand pick you for a mission…

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Intel Locations

The first piece of intel in the mission can be found when pushing into the school. Stg. Foley will say that he “saw one of them head into the classroom” which is where the laptop will be.

It will be on a table next to some barrels and above a notice board.

The second piece of intel is very easy to spot. As you make your way out of the school, the laptop is sitting on an ammo crate next to a yellow taxi.


'First Day of School' will be awarded for completing S.S.D.D and Team Player on Veteran difficulty.

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