Miami Map Cold War Guide - Best Classes, Rush Routes, Grenade Spots, Objective Locations And Everything You Need To Know

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is available across a total of five platforms.

The fifth chapter of the Black Ops series sees players jumping into a brand-new multiplayer mode filled with new maps, weapons and more.

While some locations may be less familiar to players, some are a bit more recognisable.

In this article, we take a look at the Miami map.

Map Design

Miami Black Ops Cold War Guide
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In comparison to Satellite and some of the other maps, Miami is a return to close-quarters, fast-paced action set within the bustling Miami coastline. With several buildings in close proximity of each other, weapons with a fast rate of fire and supreme hip fire accuracy are just some of the weapons that can have a massive impact on the map.

The swimming pool in the centre of the map plays host to some long-range engagements alongside the street outside the hotel and the beach, giving players plenty of potential to use all weapons in the Black Ops Cold War arsenal.

Tips and Tricks

Black Ops Cold War Miami Map Guide
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1) Hotel Lockdown

The hotel in the middle of the map is a perfect position to lock down Domination flags and to control the swimming pool from above.

Assault rifles and snipers are ideal for scouting the open areas and locking down the Domination flags in the open areas, but often fall short in close quarters scenarios, so be sure to optimise your loadout with a fast-firing secondary or a Proximity Mine field upgrade to protect you from any ambushes from behind.

2) A Trip to the Beach

Perhaps one of the quieter areas of the map, the beach is the ideal place to pick off enemies with a sniper rifle. Combined with several dimly lit areas, it can be the best place to build up some score towards the higher streaks.

To catch any patient snipers by surprise, equip the Ninja perk to reduce footstep audio to sneak behind the enemy for an easy kill.

3) All-Out Attack

With so many corridors inside the hotel and a number of buildings to rush into, sprinting around the map with an SMG is often the most effective way to score a high number of kills and rack up plenty of score to acquire some of the higher scorestreaks on offer.

The MP5 and AK-74u look to be the weapons of choice for those wanting to get straight into the action!

Best Classes

Here are some of the weapons that are the most effective on Miami.

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