Black Ops Cold War: Beta Is "Quite An Upgrade" Says Treyarch Dev, But Is It All Talk?

Black Ops Cold War's Alpha seems a lifetime ago and players are hungry for more.

While Season 6 of Modern Warfare and Warzone has provided a distraction, players haven't forgotten about the one that got away.

Thankfully, the Black Ops Cold War beta is coming next week and it's shaping up to be a good one.

Treyarch Devs have already been talking it up ahead of release and it's got everyone excited.

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Black Ops Cold War Beta Is "Quite An Upgrade"

Treyarch Dev @Tony_Flame has said that the Black Ops Cold War Beta is "quite an upgrade over the Alpha".

Considering the rumours that were circulating over the summer that the game was in a poor state, it was extremely surprised how well made this year's title looked in the Alpha.

Not to mention the fact that Treyarch had to step in midway through development.

Tony goes on to say "I don't think anyone quite realizes what this team can do in a short amount of time. From new features to the core feel, nearly everything has taken leaps forward."

From my personal point of view, I found little to complain about. Although many had issues with the supposed skill-based matchmaking, I enjoy my time on the Alpha thoroughly; it felt like a true return to Call of Duty.

Where Modern Warfare brought in some great changes for the better, it also took away many features that made Call of Duty what it is. Black Ops Cold War seems to fix those issues and it's very addictive.

Tony finishes off with one final comment: "My favorite part tho: the new lobby music kicks it".

Music to my ears...literally. Black Ops games are known for their legendary theme songs and lobby music so to hear a dev talk it up so highly and specifically is great!

I have to admit, the theme menu music in the Alpha felt very out of place.

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