Black Ops Cold War: Bullet Penetration To Stay The Same For Weapons In The Same Category

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Since the worldwide multiplayer reveal for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, the hype for the new instalment of the Call of Duty franchise has begun to reach fever pitch levels!

While there is still a few weeks to wait until the Black Ops Cold War beta begins, fans have been asking several questions surrounding the new game, including how bullet penetration is going to behave.


Treyarch game designer Tony Flame took to Twitter to reveal that changes have been made to how bullet penetration works on Cold War.

Bullet Penetration Changes In Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War Bullet Penetration

Tony's information surrounding various elements of the game have been met with resounding positivity from both casual and professional Call of Duty players. 


Since the reveal, issues such as slide cancelling have been addressed along with details surrounding a complete overhaul of damage flinch, much to the delight of all players.

Previous Call of Duty titles featured attachments like FMJ to increase the strength of bullets being shot through a surface, impacting their effectiveness when firing at an enemy through a piece of cover

Black Ops Cold War bullet penetration will be consistent for all weapons in each category, with attachments like FMJ having no impact on how bullet penetration will behave

The change to bullet penetration will mean that light machine-guns will have higher penetration levels.


Assault rifles will have more penetrating power than any sub-machine guns, which will feature the lowest levels of penetration in comparison to the LMGs.

Although this change may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things, the new bullet penetration model has the potential to have a huge impact on attachment selection when playing particular maps. 

Some maps like Satellite only have a few areas to where bullet penetration can have a great effect on a game. 

The middle satellite overlooking the rocky lanes can be shot through but the rocks are too strong, meaning loadout selection is going to be key to find a perfect balance for all possible gunfights.


For example, if you find yourself zip-lining across the battlefield on Armada, the thin metallic walls on some of the larger boats can be pentrated by a quick firing LMG such as the Stoner 63. 

In contrast, for those that prefer to sprint around the map with an SMG and see an opponent in a window frame, the weapon will be unable to deal a lot of damage through the wall if the enemy tries to escape a fight.

With Black Ops Cold War releasing on November 13th, it appears Treyarch is taking all feedback on board in order to make the game one of the best in the history of the franchise.