Black Ops Cold War: Damage Flinch Has Been Completely Changed

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Black Ops Cold War will arrive later this year, and while some players have been getting to play the alpha, it sounds as though there are plenty of changes coming.

According to Tony Flame, lead game designer at Treyarch, the devs are redesigning the way flinch works.


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Black Ops Cold War Flinch Changes

Check out Flame's tweet below.

Damage Flinch has been redesigned in Black Ops Cold War. Flinch is now primarily a feedback mechanism to help you understand you’re taking damage, without affecting the aim position of your weapon. Your weapon will move with your screen to stay on target. No more flinch headshots
— Tony Flame (@Tony_Flame)
September 12, 2020

With the system being redesigned, it looks as though being hit will not change where you're aiming.


That should prevent players "leaning into" the flinch to be unable to score a cheeky headshot when they were shot at first.

We'd imagine more players will look to aim for the head, just to minimise the chances of someone retaliating since they won't be hindered by flinch.

Feedback on the post looks to be predominantly positive and should give players a chance to engage enemies even while taking damage.

We're looking forward to putting these changes through their paces with the beta.


You can find everything we know about the beta here.

Flame also tweeted last week about tweaks being made to "Slide Cancelling", which you can read more about here.

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