Black Ops 4 DLC 3: Operation Apocalypse Z Release Details, Alpha Omega Zombies, New Maps And More On DLC 3

As the latest Operation 'Days of Summer' comes to a close in Black Ops 4, Treyarch have revealed new details for the latest operation known as 'Operation Apocalypse Z'. Releasing on June 9th, the specialist 'Reaper' is making its return, after originally appearing in Black Ops 3; along with new modes for Blackout, new Black Market items and a new Zombies experience 'Alpha Omega'.

This is the third piece of DLC content in the Black Ops 4 season, there is still one more to come and with only 3 months until the new Call of Duty, we can expect the fourth to appear roughly in the next two months. For now, here's the details on the latest DLC content and Operation Apocalypse Z.

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As mentioned above, Reaper returns in Operation Apocalypse Z. Armed with the high-damage Scythe machine gun and a Radar Shroud, which can disrupt enemy mini-maps, Reaper is unlocked after the first tier of the operation and will be playable in Multiplayer once unlocked.

Popular party game mode 'Sticks & Stones', also makes its return. Armed with a crossbow, ballistic knife and a combat axe, players earn points and are able to bankrupt an enemy with a successful kill with the axe. Other party games will return throughout the operation, including fan favourite 'Infected'.

In the Black Market, the 'Reaver C86 crossbow' joins the ever-growing arsenal along with the 'Argus', a lever action shotgun from Black Ops 3 and a Backhander. A disembodied zombie arm that is a one-hit melee weapon.

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An ominous layer of fog has descended over the Blackout map, signalling the imminent zombie apocalypse that is about to ensue. Zombies have left the main map, windows have been boarded up and the waters are bright red with blood.

There will be two variants of the map that will be available – one that updates Solos, Duos and Quads with fog and plenty of Zombies theming, including a familiar voice at the start of the match. The second variant is a limited time playlist named “Quads Fog” It contains similar changes to the environment but the fog is much thicker making it even harder to spot oncoming enemies.

Amongst the maps, there are Zombies to find and unlock. Don’t shy away from the Zombie locations! They will play host to all-new surprises and special enemies for players to conquer.

The undead have overrun Alcatraz in the latest update. Alcatraz: Nightfall sees the prison covered in darkness, where zombies or players can catch other players off guard. The new map variant sees the introduction of Alcatraz Portals Horde. The darkness has bought the Hellhounds out and the prison warden for anyone that attempts to escape.

Later on in the operation, battle for survival in Pandemic. The limited time mode will feature a large-scale battle to survive both enemies and zombies. Similar to Infected in Multiplayer, when players are taken out, they will return as zombies looking to grow the horde further. Infected players can respawn until the final collapse, where the final few squads must hold their line to outlast the undead. The last squad standing wins!

Along with all the new modes and maps, M. Shadows, Russman and Danny Trejo will be added as playable characters throughout the operation.

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After the events of the previous stories, the Primus and Ultimis crews find themselves in a secret Broken Arrow facility at Nuketown. 400% larger than Nuketown Zombies, the new map 'Alpha Omega' features some familiar nostalgia and plenty of new elements to boot.

New enemies including the Jolting Jacks and Nova 6 Bombers (that are evolutions from the Nova 6 Crawlers from Kino der Toten) along with the new special round enemy, the Lightning Hounds. Alpha Omega works to unravel the surrounding mysteries of the beginning and the end.

New Perk, 'Blood Wolf Bite' gives players the ability to summon a wolf to fend off the undead. Named Luna, she fights alongside players, killing zombies and dealing damage to larger enemies. If Blood Wolf Bite is placed in the Modifier slot, a Luna kill has the chance to spawn a mini-power-up.

Some classic Elixirs from Black Ops 3 make their return to Zombies. 'Phoenix Up' can revive all teammates and allows them to keep their perks that they’ve already bought. Head Drama makes every shot count. When equipped, any bullet that hits the zombie damages the head.

At the beginning of the operation, the Reaver C86 crossbow and the Argus shotgun will be added to the Mystery box.

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Black Market

Operation Apocalypse Z will contain 40 tiers for the first half of the operation. This time, the contraband stream will have an ultra weapon bribe, which will guarantee one new ranged Black Market weapon and two Reserve Cases. The market also holds new zombies-themed character outfits, new weapon camos and much more! Check out the full list of what’s new here.

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Black Ops Pass

Holders of the Black Ops Pass will have access to three new Multiplayer maps and a new Zombies experience. The Multiplayer maps will be in the regular map rotation for all modes, along with the Map Pack Moshpit mode at the start of the operation.

Returning to Multiplayer is popular Black Ops map, Havana. Seen in competitive play all the way back in 2011, could it be added to the map pool for the world championship in August?

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Treyarch livestreamed the latest operation to the public with more details and insight on what to expect. You can watch Treyarch's full livestream on Operation Apocalypse Z here:

A big update filled with plenty of new content to get your hands on. What are you looking forward to playing? Tweet us!

Gamescom 2019 is around the corner and we expect to hear about the next Call of Duty. Read more about Gamescom here.

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