Black Ops 4: Patch 1.19 Details - Contracts Information, Weapon Changes, New Zombies Map And More

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The latest patch for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is now live across PS4 and Xbox consoles. Around 13GB in size, the new patch introduces the long-awaited Contracts system, along with new Blackout content and weapon tuning for several weapons in Multiplayer. This update comes off the back of the most recent 'Fun In The Sun' weekend and as part of the 'Days of Summer' season.

Whilst we are still waiting on detailed patch notes, here is what we know so far (this article will be updated as new information is shared with the public).



Contracts are live!

Available for all four game modes on Black Ops 4, there are up to 28 contracts that are on rotation to complete each day across Multiplayer, League Play, Blackout and Zombies.

More Maps In Prop Hunt & CTF

More maps have been added to the Prop Hunt and Capture the Flag rotations for more bamboozling and crafty hiding shenanigans.

Weapon Tuning

Weapon tuning is also on the cards for numerous weapons including the Daemon 3XB, Switchblade X9, the MOG12 shotgun and the popular Saug 9mm sub-machine gun. In order to make SMGs and pistols more competitive against assault rifles at long range, Treyarch have changed their ballistic profiles to a traditional hitscan model. This means that bullets from SMGs and pistols should hit their targets faster and with higher accuracy.

Twilight Hacienda

Jump into the newest multiplayer alt-map, Hacienda Twilight. Take the fight to the lavish vineyard estate under the cover of darkness. With some new surprised added, it might be a good idea to hop into a Custom Game before getting into the action!





Photo courtesy of Treyarch

There are plenty of new additions to Blackout in this patch. Stashes and Humiliations make their debut along with some new items. 


Blackjack's Stash

Players will be able to unlock one of Blackjack’s new stashes per game. A stash contains all of the weapons from the Black Market in your inventory. If you’ve earned a Vendetta in the Contraband stream then it will be available to use in a Blackout game in one of the stashes. 


Humiliations are a great way of letting your opponent know they’ve just been destroyed! These epic finishing moves can be used on your enemy, when they are in a downed state. They will be available in all squad-based modes and can also be used on Multiplayer’s Heist mode. 

Sentry Guns

Sentry Guns are now available in Supply Drops. Place them well and use the additional firepower to add another layer of strategy when taking down your enemies. 

Medals & Merits


In a similar way to Multiplayer, Medals can be earned by completing various actions in Blackout. Earning these medals reward Merits. Merits can also be earned for actions such as assisting in a kill, reviving a downed teammate, taking down a Quad or a Duo, performing humiliations, taking down zombies and earning double, triple, quad, frenzy, mega and ultra kills as well as the Kill Chain medal.

Photo courtesy of Treyarch


Unsinkable Gauntlet

A new Hard Mode 'Unsinkable' Gauntlet has been added to the Zombie experience. This takes you back to the Titanic to test your skills! Players can earn X2 Nebulium Plasma rewards along with exclusive Hard Mode medals and Calling Cards to show off your efforts.

New Zombies Map

A new zombies map has been teased on the Treyarch twitter today, this featured an image (see below) of Richotfen from 'Blood of the Dead' drawn in a book - this will no doubt please zombies fans awaiting a conclusion to the main story line that dates back to Call of Duty: World At War. The text, which was coupled with the picture, read:


"A little learning is a dangerous thing..."

Photo courtesy of Treyarch

For more details on the patch, click here to check out all the changes.

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With Gamescom 2019 in August, we expect to hear lots of information regarding the new Call of Duty. Read more about Gamescom here.


Written ByJon Nicholson@MrJonno_95