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24 Feb 2021

Best Phone Controller 2021: Top mobile gaming controllers for Android and IOS

Finding the best phone controller for mobile gaming can be a slightly confusing landscape to navigate at times, but at Gfinity Deals we're here to help!

If you're playing games like Fortnite, PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile and more, then having the best controller for you is a great way of getting the most out of the game...and maybe even a few more wins.

At the moment, there are loads of options out there, ranging for actual gamepads to accessories you can attach either side of your phone. 

Before you go diving in, as always make sure to check compatibility with operating systems to ensure your controller works the way it was meant to. 

We've taken a look at what's out there and picked out a select few controllers which stand out from the crowd, check them out below! And make sure not to miss out on the Razer Kishi for Android, which is currently £10 off!

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Best Phone Controller 

Best Phone Controller for competitive gamers: Razer Raiju

Best Phone Controller for competitive gaming

FOR THE PROS! Take your mobile gaming to the next level!

The Razer Raiju is an impressive controller in its own right and boasts some impressive features when it comes to Android mobile gaming.

It connects via Bluetooth or USB-C cable and has a dock built-in, which you simply need to slide out and mount your device to.

Razer always seems to go above and beyond with extras, so unsurprisingly there's a companion app to go with the gamepad. You'll be able to adjust sensitivity and more using this, making this controller ideally suited to die-hard mobile gamers.

Click here to buy: Razer Raiju on Amazon (£99.99)

Best Phone Controller Add-on: Razer Kishi (Was: £89.99, Now: £79.90)

Best Phone Controller Add-On

TRANSFORM! Turn your phone into a handheld console!

Razer makes the list again, but this time for their Razer Kishi, which snaps onto your Android or IOS phone to transform it into a 'Switch-esque' style of device.

Clickable analogue sticks, D-Pad and shoulder buttons all feature, which cover all the bases for a wide selection of gaming genres.

This controller can be stretched to fit a wide variety of phones, but as we mentioned earlier make sure to check that your own phone will fit nicely before committing. 

Thanks to this function, you'll also be able to push the controller into a more compact form, making it ideal for taking on the go.

You can even connect this to a charging cable and continue playing if you're running out of juice!

Click here to buy: Razer Kishi on Amazon (£79.00)

Best Phone Controller for iPhone Gamers: SteelSeries Nimbus+

Best Phone Controller for Iphone gamers

APPLE OF MY EYE A solid choice for iPhone gamers

The SteelSeries Nimbus+ has some eye-catching specs to its name, especially when it comes to battery life, which is a staggering 50+ hours.

When it comes to the controller itself, it's pretty down to business and includes all the buttons, sticks and triggers you'd want when playing on mobile. Thanks to its position of the left analogue stick, it may even suit players who are more familiar with PlayStation controllers, in contrast to the Razer Raiju with its over the D-pad position. 

Easily attach the selected device using the Nimbus+ mount and even use it with iPad and Apple TV! 

Click here to buy: SteelSeries Nimbus+ on Amazon (£69.99)

Can the DualSense be used for mobile gaming?

PS5 DualSense Controller

QUICK-START: Jump right into the action with this versatile controller

The PS5 DualSense can be paired with phones and use to play games which support controller play.

However, understandably, next-gen features such as adaptive triggers and haptic feedback are not yet available with mobile gaming.

A good trick to have up your sleeve!

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That's all from us right now, but make sure to check back in soon as we'll be updating this article to best reflect all the exciting new releases in the world of mobile gaming.