When Is Snow Coming To GTA Online?

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GTA Online Festive Surprise Official Artwork 2017 version. A gingerbread man is angrily throwing a snowball at a smug reindeer.

Snow feels like an iconic part of any holiday experience and it appears around the festive season in GTA Online. Perhaps this year it will encourage players and gang members to lay down their arms, or more likely will just provide a festive backdrop to the rampant crime. So, we’re here to answer an important question - when snow will come to GTA Online?

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When Will It Snow In GTA Online?

It is currently snowing in Los Santos! Grab your mittens, throw on some warm boots and get out there to leave some tracks in the snow.

What Does Snow Do In GTA Online?


Snow is just like its real-life counterpart, pretty but not especially useful. You can leave tracks in it, but you won’t gain any mystical properties or special missions from it. It's more of a decorative addition that makes Los Santos feel more festive. That being said, you also need it to be snowing in GTA Online if you want to acquire the game's secret UFO Tattoo.

GTA Online Festive Surprise official artwork.
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Updated December 23rd, 2021 by Marie Pritchard.

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