Dreamleague Season 12: Dates, Format, Schedule, Prize Pool And More At Rotterdam Games Week

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The DOTA 2 season is upon us and we’re starting off with DreamLeague’s Season 12, hosted in beautiful Rotterdam. Boasting a prize pool of $250,000, it’s not quite the same as past seasons of Dreamleague have been, and we’re here to tell you all you need to know about it.

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DreamLeague Season 12

Unlike seasons 10 and 11, this is not a DPC event, so although it’s the first big event of the calendar, we aren’t going to see the war for TI10 start just yet. Not just that, but there’s fewer teams, meaning more flexibility with the format when it’s announced. The event runs across three days, starting on the 18th of October as a part of the Rotterdam Games Week. Tickets can be purchased directly from the Games Week website. If you’re heading there, then don’t forget that there’s also a BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) LAN tournament if you have a five-stack who is ready to get into the action yourselves.

Dates, Prize Pool, Location And Venue

Date: 18th-20th October

Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands


Venue: Rotterdam Ahoy (Rotterdam Games Week)

Prize Pool: $250,000



The schedule will be revealed and added when it is available. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly.


There will be six teams, sorted into groups of two. The top two teams head straight into an upper bracket finals to decide who will go through to the grand finals. The rest of the teams have to face off in the lower bracket. According to their website, every single game from the group stage to the end will be a best-of-three, so no team should have the misfortune of suddenly being cast out from the event.

Broadcast Talent

Photo Courtesy of DreamHack

Teams Attending

As for who is attending the event? Well, they don’t quite have the Secrets and the ex-Liquids of the world, but the lineup is impressive enough to get some great matches out of it. Although one invite is pending as of writing this, these are the rosters confirmed to be in attendance so far:

  • Alliance: Nikobaby, Limmp, 33, Handsken, Fata
  • NiP: Skiter, Gunnar, Universe, Biver, ppd
  • J.Storm: Moo, Nine, Brax, MoOz, Fear
  • FlyToMoon (Qualified): Ark, Iceberg, Flow, CemaTheSlayer, ALWAYSWANNAFLY
  • Demon Slayers: Costabile, Ched, oldWhite, FrancisLee, xuan
  • Liquid: miCKe, Boxi, iNSaNiA, Taiga, qojqva

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Although there aren’t enough results to make an iron clad ruling, Alliance are looking like a pretty good shot to take the tournament away, though we’ll have to wait to see whether our guess is solid. They’ve had a good hand at the Chengdu Major qualifiers, but we’ll still have to see whether or not they can show up on LAN.

With an epic format and teams that are unproven in the new calendar year, Dreamleague is going to be the perfect event to start the calendar off pre-DPC. If you’re missing attendance then don’t worry, you can catch it online on their Twitch too!



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Written ByMamoon Sabri@ggTeaTime