DOTA 2: Team Liquid Announces New Roster After TI 2019

After Liquid’s shocking release of TI winning core Kuroky and company, they’ve finally come out and confirmed who will be representing them in the upcoming DOTA season, as the've signed the former Alliance squad. The team, which dropped out of The International in heartbreaking fashion when their captain accidentally picked a hero they had meant to ban, showed significant promise in the 2018-19 DPC season; being one of the twelve teams to secure a coveted direct invite to The International 2019.

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Photo via Team Liquid

According to the announcement, while the team was happy with their home in Alliance, the infrastructure brought by the organization was what they felt they needed, in order to grow. Although Alliance is a household name in DOTA 2, with their legendary TI3 finish, the organisation isn’t anywhere near as large as Liquid; who’ve had massive success across multiple esports in the past two years.

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Whilst this may still appear to be a drop in skill level by comparison to the previous squad, which was one of the most successful ever seen in DOTA 2’s history, the players are young and show promise. With Liquid’s resources behind them and great displays of talent, this could end up being a major contender. As for Alliance, there’s been no news about who their next roster will be just yet.

Team Liquid’s Current Lineup:

  • Michael "miCKe" Vu
  • Max "qojqva" Bröcker
  • Samuel "Boxi" Svahn
  • Tommy "Taiga" Le 
  • Aydin "iNSaNiA" Sarkohi

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Written ByMamoon Sabri@ggTeaTime

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