DBFZ: Gogeta Tips and Tricks Tutorial to Improve Your Gameplay in Dragon Ball FighterZ

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Dragon Ball FighterZ announced the addition of two new characters at EVO 2019 - Janemba and Gogeta [SSGSS], the powerful fusion between Vegeta and Goku. With the World Tour well underway, Gogeta has since been released, and Frame Advantage’s “Tyrant” has the low down on the game’s newest fighter. It's likely we'll see him in action at Ultimate Fighting Arena 2019.

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Gogeta is not only DBFZ’s most recent addition - he’s also the first character to be included from the anime series’ latest movie, Dragon Ball Super: Broly. However, that’s not the only thing that makes Gogeta unique from the rest of the game’s cast, as commentator and Frame Advantage content creator "Tyrant" points out. With smooth animations and an invincible DP [dragon punch], Gogeta is looking to be a formidable opponent with equally unquestionable style, as shown in his video guide of the fighter’s basics.

“...Gogeta appears to be a very strong addition to the roster,” Tyrant explained. “Having a three-way teleport/beam, invincible DP which he can easily combo after, and legit beams as his ki blasts are just a few things that make him unique. Plus, he is easily one of the coolest looking and best animated characters in the game!”

Gogeta's Strengths

In keeping with this statement, Tyrant held that Gogeta likewise boasts a slew of strengths, which allow him to easily control the neutral game and keep his enemies in line.

“He's one of the few characters to have an invincible airborne option, which can be very useful in controlling neutral and ensuring Super Dashes are being checked at all times,” Tyrant continued. “Also, his beam/three-way teleport mixup with an assist after snapback can be absolutely potent to open up the opponent. Did I mention he can also snapback solo with ease for no meter?”

Gogeta's Weaknesses

Of course, no character comes without their weak points, with Gogeta being especially vulnerable to fuzzies and facing potential difficulties taking the advantage in the neutral, despite his invincible DP.

“I think Gogeta may struggle to find the hit in neutral,” Tyrant mused. “DBFZ is an extremely fast-paced game, and his buttons and specials - while very powerful - are a bit on the slow side. Not to mention, he's quite a tall boy, which means being opened up by fuzzy guard attacks all day - something that smaller characters never have to worry about.”

The Verdict On Gogeta?

Despite these issues, Tyrant is confident that Gogeta will be a popular pick in tournament settings, thanks to his synergy with other characters due to his assist.

“I think Gogeta definitely has a place on tournament viable teams,” he stated. “He provides fantastic synergy with his amazing assist, which gives crazy hitstun and a wallbounce, allowing for easy pickups. His Big Bang Kamehameha Level 1 gives crazy hitstun for DHC's, even into Base Goku's Level 3 with ease anywhere on the screen.”


With Gogeta being tournament legal for the first time at Paris’s Ultimate Fighting Arena this coming weekend, fans can expect to see a lot of this character in the fray - but with pro Goichi “GO1” Kishida dominating the World Tour, there’s no telling who will rise up to challenge his jaw-dropping reign!

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Written ByGinni Lou@EXT0PD0LL

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