Minecraft 1.19 best seeds

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Minecraft 1.19 Best Seeds
November 4, 2022: We have checked over our information

Minecraft 1.19 has finally arrived and with that comes the restructuring of caves, new biomes and so much more. If you're looking for the Minecraft 1.19 best seeds, this is what you need to know.


These should cover a wide range of different biomes, structures, and resources to give a good place to start. Have a look through them all to work out what is best for you.

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Minecraft 1.19 Best Seeds

As the game continues to get updated and we continue to play more, we will add more seeds. All of these have been gathered from play so they will only get better with time.

Snow City - 8866485821435555061

Just a little while away from spawn, you will see a snow city, built into the side of a cave. You can find this at 309, 64, -232. This being said, in between spawn and this village, you will find an opening in the ground that leads to a huge cave system. This is perfect for setting up base and mining.

Minecraft 1.19 Best Seeds

However, the city doesn't have a blacksmith. You can make up for this with the caves, but it's worth mentioning.

Hollow Mountain - 2619637491926846929

This is one of the most resource-rich seeds we could find. It will spawn you right beside a hollow mountain that leads down to a huge cave structure. With the new cave system in place, this means it could go even deeper.

Minecraft 1.19 Best Seeds

Although there aren't any villages or good spots to setup camp, this is well worth trying out.

Caves and Badlands - -8333433256517388903

You will initially spawn in the desert but, if you look around and go to -291, 72, 195, you will find a desert village, right next to a badlands biome. These can be pretty rare.

Minecraft 1.19 Best Seeds

If you're looking for a good spot to start in the desert, you should check out this seed.

Multiple Hollow Mountains - 2031618956592496158

If you like hollowed-out mountains that lead into cave systems, this seed has five right from spawn. Just look in any direction and you should find one. This will keep you mining for a long time and should guarantee some resources.

Best Minecraft 1.19 Seeds

As well as this, it leaves a great place on top of the hollow mountains to build your own house, with a mineshaft system leading down. You can access these huge cave structures from the comfort of your own home.

A little bit of Everything - -3036012646806147945

This is by far the best seed we can find. Right from spawn, you will be placed right next to a village. That village has a blacksmith that gets you kitted out. If you go forward, you should see an Illager Outpost. Turn to the right and you will spot another village.

Minecraft 1.19 Best Seeds

Right next to the second village, you will spot a broken nether portal. All of these structures give you so much to work off. Get everything looted and start preparing your base. The caves nearby won't explore themselves.

How to find your location in Minecraft

You may notice that some of the screenshots and structures have coordinates. To access these, you can simply click F1 on PC to reveal your X/Y/Z access.

How to find coordinates in Minecraft 1.19

If you play on console, go into the settings menu, then game tab. Scroll down to "World Options" and you should find a switch that says "Show Coordinates". This will now display your coordinates on screen.

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