Minecraft Deep Dark: How To Find It, What It Is, and More

Minecraft Deep Dark

Minecraft has come an awfully long way over the last decade, with new updates, patches and a much bigger community. If you're looking for the latest information on Minecraft Deep Dark, here's what you should know; including what you'll find in the Deep Dark, and how best to find the Deep Dark in your server as well. It's not that easy.

Just now arriving, The Deep Dark teased for The Wild update was hinted at for a long time. It was originally planned to release in a previous update, but some changes have been made to the plans of the game had it make sense for the team to push it back. This being said, it is now finally here, and the questions are plentiful.

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What Is the Minecraft Deep Dark Update?

The Minecraft Deep Dark is a brand new biome that arrived in The Wild update.

As the name suggests, it's an incredibly dark area filled with sculk technology like shriekers and sensors. If you trigger enough of the shriekers, you can summon the Warden: a new boss battle you'll have to be well-prepared for.

The Warden inflicts darkness and is incredibly strong. Given his appearance, strength, and size, he isn't really meant to be killed. That doesn't mean you can't try, though.

How to Get to the Minecraft Deep Dark

Unfortunately, it can be pretty hard to find the Deep Dark when you're looking for it. Just go below y=0 and search around, you will eventually come across it. Generally, it's quite dark and has tonnes of sculk blocks. If you see some of these, keep searching around and you should happen upon it.

Generally, you should try to set up a mineshaft of sorts, pick a location, and keep digging until you hit it. After a while, turn around and go the opposite way. You'll find it eventually.

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