Minecraft Recovery Compass: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Minecraft Recovery Compass

Minecraft has just brought out a brand new update called The Wild and this comes with plenty of new changes, as well as some general fixes. If you're looking for the Minecraft Recovery Compass and want to know what it does, here's what we know so far.

Being one of the most useful new additions, you may want to figure out all it can do pretty early on. If you're planning on starting a new world, like the map, this is a necessary piece of equipment for your future adventures.

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What is the Minecraft Recovery Compass?

The Minecraft recovery compass is an incredibly useful little tool that can be a little hard to build. Hold it in your hand and it will point you to the last place you died. If you're efficient about your base, you should have a few of these in a chest beside your bed.

Then, after you die, you can get up, grab the compass, and get all your loot back. If you can include some armour, a pickaxe, a sword - it would help you even more. You want to go grab your stuff and get back so you don't lose the compass. They are pretty rare, after all.

How to Make the Minecraft Recovery Compass

To build the recovery compass, you need one compass and eight echo shards. To get these, you have to go exploring in ancient cities.

Ancient Cities themselves can only be found in the Deep Dark. If you take it easy and avoid letting off too many alerts, you can get through this spooky new place relatively unscathed. Just look around for chests and you should be able to get a few echo shards for yourself.

Then, with all your new spoils, craft the Recovery Compass at a Crafting Bench, stuff it into a shared storage box, and you'll never need to worry about losing your stuff again. Unless you dive head-first into lava, at least.

How to Use the Minecraft Recovery Compass

Just kicked the bucket and need to find all that stuff you lost? Easy. Just dig out your Recovery Compass from the chest you should have stored it in before your deadly expedition, scroll over to it in your action bar slot to put it into your hands, and follow its little needle all the way to your lost items.

Don't go thinking you only need to walk straight on, though. That's a quick way to fall down a hole. It's just there to help you retrace your steps, so remember to bring anything else you might need to get there; like torches, weapons, and backup armour.

It can be a bit of a pain to find what you need for the Recovery Compass, but the trouble is ultimately worth it for such a great tool. And If you want to know more about the deep dark, you can find out how to find it and what to expect in our guide right here.

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