Rumour: Metal Gear Solid Remakes To Be More Than A Visual Overhaul

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New rumours and comments suggest that the rumoured Metal Gear Solid remakes that are in development will be more than just an overhaul visually.

This rumour comes from KatharsisT on ResetEra who has a hit and miss track record when it comes to details like this.


As for what else could be improved with this remake, details weren't offered, but it would make sense to see the entire gameplay experience lifted from the original and tweaked or updated for a modern audience.

Discussions and details from insiders have said that the team behind the remakes, which will update multiple Metal Gear Solid games, is none other than Bluepoint Games, who last worked on PS5's Demon's Souls remake.

Details on these remakes are still few and far between and it still isn't clear if they are even in development, although Konami is reportedly outsourcing the development of its IPs.

Given the history of Metal Gear on PlayStation, Bluepoint is a smart choice, especially when you take into account that Sony may have leaked that they acquired the studio.


What are your thoughts on this rumour? You can keep up to date with all the latest information on the Metal Gear Solid Remake here.