Metal Gear Solid PS5 Remake Leaks: Release Date, Developer, Platforms and More

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Metal Gear Solid, the revered PlayStation 1 classic, could be coming to next-gen hardware according to several leaks.

Rumoured to be in production at Bluepoint Games, the team behind the critically-acclaimed Demon's Souls and Shadow of the Colossus' remakes, the franchise has been dormant since Metal Gear: Survive – a spinoff title not helmed by Hideo Kojima following an acrimonious split from publisher Konami.


Still, the speculation grows stronger and stronger, so here's everything we know.

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Latest News

September 9 - Sony PlayStation Showcase Is Today

Could we finally hear some news about a remake of Metal Gear Solid? You'll have to make sure you're watching later today to find out. Tune in September 9 at 1:00pm Pacific Time / 9:00pm BST / 10:00pm CEST for a look into the future of PS5.

You can watch live on YouTube and Twitch.

July 4 - Remakes Reportedly More Than A Visual Update


New reports suggest that the Remakes of Metal Gear Solid games will be more than a visual update. You can read the full details here.

May 24 - Konami Outsourcing Brands

Indie studio GuruGuru recently developed a GetsuFumaDen title in collaboration with Konami, and the game's producer said that Konami is planning to outsource more brands. Speaking to JPGames, Shin Murato said:

“We are continually inspired by various indie titles, and how they innovate and produce exciting games. We felt that GetsuFumaDen would be an interesting IP to bring back to follow this indie approach, and so we decided to contact GuruGuru as we know the team well. They had been exploring new approaches for graphical design and thought they would be a great fit for this IP. It also helped that there were fans of the original GetsuFumaDen game within the GuruGuru team. In terms of other collaborations, please wait for future projects like this!”

Metal Gear Solid Remake Leaks and Rumours

Previous rumours from RedGamingTech on YouTube had suggested that while the first Metal Gear Solid title would be remade, its sequels would also be coming to current-gen through remasters.


Then there's talk from YouTuber Lance McDonald that quotes Bluepoint as saying "Not one, but two" when referring to remakes.

Of course, that's a big jump from a studio working on a remake to assuming it's Metal Gear Solid, but another industry insider, Moore's Law, has not so subtly hinted that the next game could be Metal Gear Solid.

@bluepointgames Great job with the Demon's Souls remake.Can't wait to play the next Solid game you guys are working on... 😉🤠
— Moore's Law Is Dead (@mooreslawisdead)
November 20, 2020

When pressed, Moore's Law noted that "Sony has a lot of bombshells they haven't dropped".

Metal Gear Solid Remake Release Date

Given that Demon's Souls just dropped, it would be likely that Bluepoint wouldn't drop another huge remake in close proximity.


Still, Capcom's Resident Evil 3 Remake followed the Resident Evil 2 Remake by just a year, so it's not outside of the realms of possibility that the studio's next project could be further along than anticipated, particularly if they have two teams working concurrently.

Metal Gear Solid Remake Platforms

Rumours have suggested that the Metal Gear Solid Remake would be a PS5 exclusive.

While Bluepoint has worked with Microsoft in the past (bringing Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 as well as Titanfall for Xbox 360), the studio has undoubtedly enjoyed a long relationship with Sony.

The developer has worked on ports including God of War I and II, the Uncharted Trilogy, as well as Shadow of the Colossus and Demon's Souls – the latter of which was co-developed with SIE Japan Studio.

Of course, we'll update this piece as we hear more news about a potential remake of the classic title.