Merge Mansion - Ignatius Boulton Event Guide

Characters in Merge Mansion.

Characters in Merge Mansion.

One of many Merge Mansion in-game events is the Ignatius Boulton event, where players can discover the story of the mysterious man, and earn Stone Cans.

Who is Ignatius Boulton? That's a bit of a secret, but each new merged item gives a bit of his back story. As a young boy, he moved to the Big Apple and started to work in his father's store. He then started up his own tin can factory, and built a mansion... the very mansion we're fixing up! The statue in front of it is, in fact, Ignatius.

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How To Unlock The Ignatius Boulton Event

Events in Merge Mansion tend to all have a prerequisite: this event is no different. You'll need to have completed the 'Fix Missing Item' task, which comes at the end of The Grand Drive. Once this is completed, you'll be able to access the event from the calendar icon on the home screen. This lists all of the current events - Ignatius Boulton will be one of them when the time comes.

Ignatius Boulton Event Rewards

The most important item that players get from the Ignatius Boulton Event is the Stone Can. This is needed for The Beginning quest. To get the Stone Can, you'll need to start with the small tin can, and merge it 13 times. All items used in this merge are only related to this one quest, so don't worry about using them all up.

Other rewards for the event are Garden Statues - these can be merged for the Stone Can too, or sold. Leveling up will get you these rewards, but note that the maximum level you can achieve in this event is level 21. When the event ends, you lose access to the garage, so make sure to sell all the items ahead of time for more coins.

How Long Is The Ignatius Boulton Event?

The Ignatius Boulton even runs for three days/72 hours. Each iteration of the event will see players start fresh with no levels or items.

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