Merge Mansion Flowers - How To Make Peonies, Planted, and Orange Flowers

merge mansion flowers

merge mansion flowers

To properly clean up the Mansion gifted to you, you'll need a lot of items. And to begin, cleaning up the grounds takes Flowers. Here's how to make Merge Mansion flowers, and the associated items.

Merge Mansion, as the name suggests, needs you to merge like items to create a new one, and then merge that with the same thing to make another new item, and so on and so forth. Some of the items require many phases of merging, where others are fairly simple. There's also a few different types of certain items, such as the Flowers. Currently, there are Peonies, Orange, and Potted Flower varieties to make.

We've got some more handy Merge Mansion stuff, too: a guide to the upcoming 4th of July event, and some tips and cheats.

How To Make A Peony Flower In Merge Mansion

Making Peony Flowers in Mansion follows the same steps as all other components: you mix, merge, and multiply.

To start, you'll need Peony Seeds. These are dropped from level 6+ Vases. These Vases drop from the Drawer item. You'll need the final stage of the Peony to use in the Tasks. Mix two of each stage to get to the next one, and repeat! The stages of the Peony Flower are:

  • Peony Seed
  • Seedling
  • Seedling stage 2
  • Flower Bud
  • Flower Bud stage 2
  • Peony Flower

How To Make An Orange Flower In Merge Mansion

The next flower in our merge-made garden is the Orange Flower. The Orange Flower seeds come from the Large Seed Bags - these can be made from the sacks already in the merging area.

By the way, Orange Flowers can attract butterflies - so if you can, we recommend leaving a flower in the area to stock up on the flying friends for a while.

The stages you'll need to merge to get the final product are:

  • Orange Flower Seed
  • Seedling
  • Bud
  • Bud stage 2
  • Bud stage 3
  • Orange Flower

How To Make A Potted Flower In Merge Mansion

Lastly is the Potted Flower. These require seeds that drop from Planted Bushes, level 5 and above. The Bushes grow from Bush Seeds, which in turn are found in the Brown Chests - you can also buy them in the shop.

Again, the last phase of the Flower is needed. Merge two of each of these to get to it:

  • Planted Flower Seed
  • Seedling
  • Bud
  • Bud stage 2
  • Planted Flower 1
  • Planted Flower 2
  • Planted Flower 3
  • Planted Flower 4
  • Planted Flower 5

If you're not sure which 'stage' your flower is at, keep going to try and merge it to get to the final product.

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