Melty Blood Type Lumina: Red Arcueid Revealed, Zoner Version Of Arcueid Showcased

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Type Moon Games has recently revealed the 13th character for Melty Blood Type Lumina to be Red Arcueid. Unlike the regular Arcueid Brunestud, this version of her is more murderous and bloodthirsty after giving in to her vampiric nature. Here's what we know about this character.

Melty Blood Type Lumina Red Arcueid Reveal

As seen on her character reveal trailer, Red Arcueid adopts a more aggressive conversation with Ciel as she wants to "fix her pretty face." Ciel responds back with the same animosity not only as rivals for Shiki Tohno's affection but as bitter foes who want to end each other.


In the trailer, Red Arcueid sports more violent slashes and even throws out claw projectiles to her foe unlike her regular version who often closes the gap as a rushdown character. So far, Red Arcueid's attacks rely mostly on overwhelming her foes with her vampiric powers rather than holding her powers back.

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Different Type Of Arcueid

Unlike the regular Arcueid, Red Arcueid can be easily identified as wearing a longer skirt that covers most of her legs. She's also more interested in crushing and maiming her foe.


The regular Arcueid Brunestud is more childlike and honest which mostly translates with her playfulness in battle. In her regular form, Arcueid can even be seen throwing playful jabs if she defeats her foes. This amiable personality is complete gone and can happen anytime Arcueid Brunestud doesn't keep her vampiric tendencies in check.

Red Arcueid In Previous Melty Blood Entries

In the previous Melty Blood titles, Red Arcueid is also a separate character from regular Arcueid. The original Red Arcueid often shows her big fangs and red eyes which give off a monstrous appearance. For her playstyle, Red Arcueid can feel like a bully due to her strong zoning options and good combos if she manages to get close.

As seen in her Melty Blood Type Lumina appearance, Red Arcueid looks like her strong zoning options have been toned down and replaced with weaker yet effective versions of her special moves. Nevertheless, Red Arcueid still has the potential to zone her enemies and land good combos if she gets close for her appearance in the upcoming fighting game.


For now, we'll have to wait and see about more of her once Melty Blood Type Lumina releases on September 30.

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