Melty Blood Type Lumina: How To Use CP

Melty Blood Type Lumina has its own in-game currency called CP which can be used to buy cosmetics and gallery art in the game. Players can easily earn and spend it as long as the game is played. Here's how players can use CP in Melty Blood Type Lumina.

How To Spend CP

To start spending CP, players can select the Customization from the main menu and pick any of the choices inside it. This mode will introduce the player to the calling card customization which will be the player's profile shown on online matches. Every piece of it namely, the Icon, Titles, and Card Design will cost the player CP to equip them.

Alternatively, players can go to the gallery and purchase some of the guest art in the game. Players will need pay some CP to see some of its locked content or unlock them through completing the Story mode or completing an achievement.

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How To Earn CP

Earning CP is easy in Melty Blood Type Lumina as players are only required to play matches in the game. In Single Player, players can complete Story Mode and clear Mission mode combos to get rewarded with CP. In Online mode, players who regularly play with friends can get CP depending on how many games they've played against them. It doesn't matter if its the same friend as players will still get rewarded with CP.

Why Keep CP

At times, some fighting game developers give out free DLC unlocks in the game using the title's own in-game currency. These content can sometimes be unique character skins and even character unlocks. Type Moon Games has yet to announce any additional content in the game after its release. Potentially, the developers could add some color palettes for the costume customization in the game.

If not aiming to buy everything in the customization shop, it'll be best to hold to these CP until the new ones come out to prepare just in case they're a vastly expensive buy in the game.

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