Melty Blood Type Lumina: How To Play Vlov Arkhangel

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Melty Blood Type Lumina has its resident zoner character in the form of one of its main villains, Vlov Arkhangel. This sullen, solitary vampire has a giant sword and his powers of fire and ice to help keep foes at bay and defeat them before they can get close. Here's how players can

Who Is Vlov Arkhangel?

In the original Tsukihime - A Piece Of Blue Glass Moon - story that Melty Blood Type Lumina is based from, Vlov Arkhangel is the main villain for the Ciel route. As a villain, this vampire is not evil by nature or temperament but his vampiric urges often requires him to feed on thousands of humans to keep himself steady. Shiki Tohno and Ciel had to fight Vlov Arkhangel when he arrives in Misaki Town where the Tsukihime story happens.

As a playable fighter in Melty Blood, he is a zoner with strong options when his opponent is at mid to far-range away from him. His wide, far-reaching sword swings and his temperature-based powers are his usual tools to keep foes at bay and preventing them from approaching. Up close, Vlov's weakness shows as he has slower attacks which make him struggle to contest their strikes.

Vlov Arkhangel Beginner's Guide

This tall character has a sword half his size. Use it wisely.
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Melty Blood Type Lumina Vlov Arkhangel Sword Swing

As a Vlov Arkhangel player, players will need to stay in the best distance away from his foes. This distance is achieved where Vlov can shoot his fire and ice projectiles safely and strike down any aggressive attempt to close the gap on him with his sword strikes. Make sure to review all the areas that Vlov's sword swings and fireballs cover to efficiently plan the positioning needed to shutdown the foe.

Vlov also has a unique feature where he changes his magic from fire to ice once his opponent is one round away from winning. Fundamentally, the ice projectiles are superior to his regular fire mode. Ice projectiles generally cover more space and have multiple hits when Vlov lands them on his foes. Even with the benefits, try not to give away rounds to your foe on the sole purpose on only using his better version in the game.

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Vlov Arkhangel Combos

For beginners, Vlov players can rely on simple combos to start their pressure on their foes. More than long, flash combos, Vlov gets more mileage on the hits he scores if he sends his foe far or goes for a setup. Here are a few combos written in Numpad Notation, beginners can rely on at the beginning:

  • 5B>5C>2C>214BB
  • 5B>2B>2C>236AA
  • 5A>5A>5A>j.B>j.C>Airthrow
  • 236A>A
  • 236B>B
  • 236A>B
  • 236B>A

For starters, it's not important if Vlov always gets the hard hitting combos first. The important part is that he needs to end his combos where his foes fly off to the other side of the screen so that his zoning game can start.

If your opponent does move far away from you, have fun controlling their movement with your 236 fireballs and 214 sword swings. Zoners often employ tactics where their foes have to deal with their superior range until the round ends and Vlov is no different.

How to get better with Vlov Arkhangel

Don't be shy to gun your foes down with fire and ice. This is what Vlov Arkhangel does alot as a zoner.
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Mely Blood Type Lumina Vlov Arkhangel Zoning

As Vlov Arkhangel, beginner players should look to enforce their zoning playstyle on the opponent, forcing them to go on the offensive. A starting goal is to secure a larger health than your foe and keep a proactive defense as Vlov shuts down their advances to even up the fight.

If done well, Vlov's foes may get overwhelmed with his superior range which could force them to be slower and careful of his range or lose the match solely on catching projectiles throughout the rounds.

Once Vlov players have established that they can play zoning well, they can choose to keep up the long-range pressure or surprise their foes with a close-range offense of their own. Due to his superior range, Vlov can often start his close-range pressure and combos farther than most of the cast. Surprisingly, Vlov has a complete set of reliable overheads and lows to open your foe's defense although they can be contested with your foe's faster attacks.

Adapt wisely to your foe's habits to apply the zoning strategy and pressing the attack up close to keep foes guessing on how to deal with you.


Lastly, letting your opponent Shield your projectiles for healing is fine for the most part. This part is a test of patience as a Vlov player and can be use an opening to change the pace of fireball throws or surprise them with an aggressive rushdown to punish their turtling defense.

Overall, enjoy enforcing your superior range as Vlov Arkhangel to win matches in Melty Blood Type Lumina.

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