Melty Blood Type Lumina: New Bugfix Solves "Don't Skip Intros" Netplay Problem

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Melty Blood Type Lumina has pushed out a minor bugfix for the game's PC version. According to developers Type Moon Games, this new fix helps players avoid early lag in online matches across the game.

As seen on Type Lumina's Steam updates page, this patch has "fixed an issue of rollback synchronization being disrupted by skipping the direction at the start of a match." That's now live on the game's servers and put simply, players won't experience those jittery connection problems felt during an online match's early parts if the intros are skipped.

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Melty Blood Type Lumina: New Bugfix Solves "Don't Skip Intros" Netplay Problem

Previously, players eager to start the first round in online matches suffered with jittery character animations. That's a problem as you can get sudden positional advantages during this time, so to prevent this happening, many players made a collective agreement to never skip intros. As seen in ThePizzaMasters thread on Melty Blood's subreddit, it's been a general problem for PC players.


Type Lumina's director, Kamone Serizawa, is currently studying rollback netcode works, as seen above on Twitter. Serizawa is looking into one-sided rollbacks, where one player look motionless against his foe if they're ahead in this rollback netcode. It's a problem as players need time to react to incoming attacks.

As such, this bugfix could be just the start of the developer's efforts to improve the rollback netcode. We'll keep you informed with further updates.