Melty Blood Type Lumina: How To Play Dead Apostle Noel

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Dead Apostle Noel's just arrived in Melty Blood Type Lumina. A vampiric version of Noel, she boasts her own toolset of controlling space with her projectiles and explosive setplay. Even as a Dead Apostle, Noel still boasts strong pressure with avenues for reset.

In the Tsukihime remake, one route showcases a vampire turning Noel into a Dead Apostle, after biting her neck. While she continues to hunt vampires, it's more for satisfying her ego and showing off her new vampiric strength. As a Dead Apostle vampire, Noel now has strong zoning tools and setplay to boot.

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Dead Apostle Noel Beginner's Guide

Similar to her regular version, Dead Apostle Noel still has a long reach, allowing her to poke out foes at a farther range. She also has access to unlimited but committal projectiles that can be delayed, which can be used a setplay to keep offense safe and discourage foes from contesting.

We'd suggest getting comfortable with her range and zoning coverage first, then learning those bread-and-butter combos. Once you get the hang of her tools, Dead Apostle Noel has potential with mixing up her foes up close through surprisingly fast normal attacks.

Dead Apostle Noel Combos

Though Dead Apostle Noel is a zoner, most of her projectiles and setplay spears are fast enough to follow-up on the combo. Feel free to experiment on what she can do.

To know how her combos work, Meno has uploaded a combo video to help out players. Make sure to drop by and check out his other videos about other Melty Blood Type Lumina characters too, including the other new DLC character, Aoko Aozaki.

Dead Apostle Noel Tips To Improve


Dead Apostle Noel generally seems stacked, feeling like she can do anything with her range coverage. However, be careful as her big moves also have slow recovery, which can land you in trouble against speedier foes who avoid those hits and close the gap. Learn to plug the holes in her zoning play and she can control the match with her setplay spears.

Aside from her thrown spears, the spears on the floor can be detonated later to keep the foe wary. This explosion is a good combo starter, one which forces foes to respect it if they don't want to lose range. Overall, this character feels well-rounded with suitable tools, one that looks like a strong candidate for adjustments and nerfs when the next patch arrives.

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