Melty Blood Type Lumina: How To Play Aoko Aozaki

Melty Blood Type Lumina's introduced two new DLC characters recently, including Shiki Tohno's mentor, Aoko Aozaki. More than just a carefree older sister figure, Aoko's a strong magus that packs a mean punch.

In the Tsukihime story, Shiki Tohno owes his regular life and that special pair of glasses suppressing his powers to Aoko Aozaki. Shiki holds Aoko in high respect, calling her "Sensei." Aside from being his role model, Aoko's also an accomplished magus, also known for close combat prowess, mixing magic and physicality to overwhelm her foes.

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Aoko Aozaki Beginner's Guide

To get started with Aoko Aozaki, players need to understand that she's capable at dealing with her foe from almost any range. Up close, Aoko mostly uses her reach advantage on foes in her strikes, often using long legs for a sweeping attacks and her fists in pummelling enemies with good punching form.

In the mid and long range, her magic beams and orbs can help her return fire on zoners, or she can use her orbs to cover that approach as she closes in toward her foe.

For all her strengths in contesting neutral against her foes, her better reversals are locked behind meter use, which put her a little on edge on the defensive.

Aoko Aozaki Combos

So far, Aoko Aozaki has a high-potential on combos, but still fairly lenient on the execution. Her combos can be played with finding routes that can help her extend hit as much as possible near her foe. However, her best combo routes can be achieved with the ones that end with setting a magic orb near her foes.

If combos are ended this way, Aoko forces her opponents to deal with the orb first while Aoko can close in and force her foes to guess her next move. For starters, Meno's combo video could be a great start before proceeding to make custom combos.

How to get better with Aoko Aozaki

Players should initially focus on using Aoko's normal buttons and special moves at their best ranges. This approach allows players to have solid control on neutral for the advantage. Once players understand how to use these moves, proceed to have fun with Aoko's wealth of pressure options and okizeme to keep opponents on their toes.

Overall, aim to make Aoko feel like a boss fight that gets opponents thinking. That is, unless they want to get hurt with your attacks that can cover the screen fast.

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