Melty Blood Type Lumina: How To Play As Saber

Artoria Pendragon, popularly known as Saber, has recently been included in Melty Blood Type Lumina, and many fans have rushed in to play as her. If you're looking to start wielding the Excalibur as Saber in Melty Blood Type Lumina, here's how players can choose her.

How To Select Saber

Upon loading the game's character select screen, players can find Saber sitting at the south part of roster. Simply select her from this screen and pick your colour. From there, players can choose Saber in the upcoming match of Melty Blood Type Lumina.

Players don't need to buy her DLC or unlock her after going through story mode, she's included in the initial roster of the game from the get-go.

As the Fate series has many Saber characters, this Saber is the first and original that appeared in the Fate Stay Night entry. This Saber is a female incarnation of King Arthur, wielding the legendary Excalibur in battle.

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How To Play As Saber

As a character, Saber is a straightforward rushdown character that excels in applying pressure with a flurry of attacks. Once she lands a hit, almost all of her options aim to land as many hits on her opponent as she can, until her combo ends.

If her opponent is good at defending, Saber can tactically pull back her pressure for a step and fake an opening, punishing foes eager to escape her pressure. Overall, she's a great character with a one track goal in overwhelming her foes in fight.

Looks Good For Beginners

Considering the straightforward nature of her attacks and special moves, Saber's a great pick for beginners starting out in Melty Blood Type Lumina. Unlike the rest of the cast, Saber's auto-combo's have multihits, which can feel strong against other beginners who've just picked up this game.

While her options are mostly full of basic and advanced tools for rushdown, her one-track game plan makes her a strong and enjoyable pick to learn all the basics in fighting games.

However, beginners need to understand she has a searing flaw for a starter pick. Because most of Saber's special moves are rushing sword strikes, she doesn't have a fireball, which can make her difficult to play against characters who throw out projectiles in fights. Nevertheless, she does have options against fireballs to help her get close and lay the hurt on her foes.

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