Melty Blood Type Lumina: New Gameplay Video Showcases Hisui, Kohaku Moves

Type Moon Games has recently released a fresh gameplay showcase featuring a duel between Hisui and Kohaku in Melty Blood Type Lumina. The gameplay of these maids involve throwing and setting up various household objects and other novelty attacks to overwhelm their foes. Lastly, both players were also showcasing some

Melty Blood Type Lumina Hisui Vs Kohaku Gameplay Video

As seen in the video, both Hisui and Kohaku fought in a battle inside the Tohno mansion to showcase their movesets in the game. Both Hisui and Kohaku are currently working at the Tohno mansion as its maids who generally take care of the chores for Shiki Tohno and Akiha Tohno.

Fitting to their work, both maids often attack their foes with various household objects such as brooms, vases, chairs, packed lunches, ladles, tables, and other unlikely objects inside the house that can be used as weapons. On the other end, Kohaku's flying broom and molotov cocktail throwing is a reference to one of her appearance in a previous related title where she is portrayed as a comedic yet highly capable mad scientist.

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Overwhelm Foes With Furniture

In fights, both maids often use various objects to throw at their foes to hurt them. Unlike most of the Melty Blood cast of vampires, monster hunters from the Church, and characters with supernatural powers, both Hisui and Kohaku are humans that have powers totally unrelated for combat. To compensate for this, both Hisui and Kohaku's roles in the Tohno household are exaggerated to give them strengths as fighters.

Most of Hisui's duties are heavier than Kohaku which allow her to lift heavier objects such as wooden chairs and tables as weapons to smack her foes good. Meanwhile, Kohaku is often a comic relief character which gives her sillier attacks such as throwing molotov cocktails while riding a flying broom, leaving out potted plants that wildly attack her foes, and wearing a qipao dress before delivering a combination of martial arts attacks.

Overall, both characters have options to press the advantage on foes who lose their footing with the tons of furniture and other stuff that they leave out on the screen for so long.

Charged Attacks

Aside from the moveset of both maids, the developers may have confirmed the charged attacks in this game. In the past Melty Blood, some characters have moves that can be charged to delay the attack. Sometimes, the charged version of the attacks can deal more damage and even have other effects which can make it easier to combo.

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