Melty Blood Type Lumina Akiha Tohno Gameplay Revealed

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Type Moon Games has recently released a new gameplay trailer that features a fight between Akiha Tohno and Arcueid Brunestud. More than the showcase of their moves, the limits of the Melty Blood Type Lumina's Moon Drive and replay system were also showcased. Here's what we've seen on the trailer.

Melty Blood Type Lumina Akiha Tohno Gameplay Trailer


As seen on the trailer, the gameplay trailer featured a fight between the main protagonist's sister, Akiha Tohno, and one of the main heroines of the game, Arcueid Brunestud. In the story, Akiha Tohno's red hair and other otherworldly powers comes from her half-demon lineage. Meanwhile, Arcueid is already identified as one of the strongest vampires in the world.

Players who want to see these characters with their moves can check this trailer out as Ciel and Shiki Tohno have previously shared the spotlight for two gameplay trailers straight.

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Limits Of Moon Drive System

During the Akiha and Arcueid fight, both players showcased the Moon Drive system in the game. Both players have shown that the Moon Drive meter fills up fast and can be used up to two to three times in a full match with an even pace that can be won by either characters.


Normally, the Moon Drive system has been shown to grant a player with more options to flashier combos and health regeneration when activated which can be seen as a comeback mechanic in the game.

However, Moon Drive does not save a player from a fatal blow as the regeneration is not enough to save Arcueid Brunestud from a super that she got caught in at low health. In recent fighting games such as Dragonball FighterZ, the comeback mechanic often grants rapid regeneration that allows some characters to live through super moves even at dangerously low health.

At best, players cannot always rely on Moon Drive to save their skin from losing rounds without using it to defeat their foe fast and just using it defensively to let the health regeneration save them from death.

Replay System

Aside from the gameplay, the Akiha Tohno and the previous gameplay trailer have also been released in two videos. Each of the videos come in Japanese and English subtitles. However, both of the videos always progress and ends the same way which means that there could be a replay system in Melty Blood Type Lumina on release. For many players who want to see their awesome plays again and study their mistakes, this feature is a gamechanger.


For now, we'll have to wait for more reveals to understand the initial cast of Melty Blood: Type Lumina.

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