Mass Effect Legendary Edition Sets New BioWare Steam Record

Mass Effect Legendary Edition has set a new concurrent player record for developer Bioware on Steam, hitting 59,650 players.

That's a new record for the developer, although its games were almost entirely exclusive to Origin for much of the last decade.

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Sets New BioWare Steam Record

As noted by Steam Charts, the highest concurrent players of the original releases of all four prior Mass Effect games seem almost paltry in comparison. Aside from Andromeda's 3,590 (when released last year), Mass Effect 1 reigns supreme with 2,792, followed closely by Mass Effect 2 with 2,275.

Mass Effect 3, also released last year, has a concurrent player peak of just 659.

The Legendary Edition also marks the second biggest concurrent player base on Steam for EA, too. The only title to beat the almost 60k players of Mass Effect's latest collection is Apex Legends, with the free-to-play battle royale hitting 330,879 players at once.

For more on Mass Effect, check out the latest (sizeable) patch for the Legendary Edition here, as well as what the community thinks of Tali's redesigned face.

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