Tali's Face Change in Mass Effect Legendary Edition is loved by fans

There were many controversies surrounding Mass Effect 3, many of which still come up when discussing the game today. One of the more minor controversies involved Tali's picture for Shepard, in which the Quarians' faces were revealed for the first time. Because the developers didn't put much effort into creating this picture, many players took offense.

Players who loved Tali'Zorah nar Rayya (aka vas Normandy) in Mass Effect 2 and 3 received a surprise gift in 2012: a picture of Tali without her helmet on their bedside table. A Quarian lives most of his life on a ship, resulting in a compromised immune system that forces him to wear a mask at all times. A player's first look at her face is an incredible experience, and it changes how they view Quarians.

For Mass Effect players in 2012, seeing Tali's true face was a big deal, as it represented the only opportunity to see her true face in all three games. Although the original image appeared to be an inspired image of a dark-haired woman posing in the countryside, it was actually a lightly photoshopped stock photo. This picture was in Mass Effect 3 was highly blurry and challenging to see, and BioWare decided not to care about any backlash.

People weren't happy with the image before, but now they are.

Although they should have put more effort into their work, Bioware didn't take long to create the picture. They took a stock image and hardly changed it, which to fans meant that they compromised a vital part of the alien race's design to save time. This was just one of many problems with Mass Effect 3, so it was easier to overlook than everything else that was wrong with the game.

Two pictures side by side. One is a stock photo and the other is the in game photo for Tali. They are very identical.
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Tali was beautiful in this picture

Mass Effect Legendary Edition of the game addresses this issue.

Tali and Quarian fans will be pleased with this development. In addition to showing players Tali's face for the first time, it also reveals what the Quarians look like beneath the mask. This image only shows Tali's face, with the rest of her head hidden in her usual purple headdress, instead of without her entire Quarian suit as in the original.

The new picture of Tali for Mass Effect 3. It looks pretty cool
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Tali is as beautiful as always

As Tali would have been unable to pose without a suit due to health issues, it makes sense. The mask has been removed in the games, so canonically, it makes far more sense.

Many fans are still unsatisfied

I romanced Tali myself every time, and my Shepard would never leave her. In addition, I'm not pleased with the image, mostly since I preferred the first one. However, all fans should keep in mind: They don't know what Quarians look like, but BioWare does.

To quote the person who made the Dark Elves in The Elder Scrolls, "Do you know why Dark elves are gray? Because I wanted it." Meaning you cannot correct the creators of something since they are the ones who decided what it was. Whenever they change a detail, it becomes lore.

Players may think it is rude or something to get annoyed by, but that's the truth. It's only BioWare that can accurately depict how Quarians look since they created the game. I'll leave you with Kevin Smith's quote from Chasing Amy, "I'm the writer, every time I adlib, it's a rewrite."

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