Mass Effect 5 Might Use Unreal Engine Instead Of Frostbite

Mass Effect experienced a resurgence this year with the Legendary Edition, which brought together all three original games into a remastered package with the collection toppling EA's sales expectations.

After announcing another entry in the beloved cybergalactic RPG series last year, we've now gained more information on how its development is progressing.

The Shepard-driven Mass Effect games were built using Unreal Engine but, Bioware shifted shifted to EA's own Frostbite Engine to produce Andromeda. It looks like the studio may be reverting back to Unreal Engine, thanks to a new job listing.

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Mass Effect 5 Might Use Unreal Engine Instead Of Frostbite

Under the guise of Technical Director (Franchise), one of the requirements for the role is that of:

Experience with UnrealEngine4+ is an asset.

This doesn't confirm Bioware's shift back to the previous platform, but GamesBeat's sources have claimed that this transition may be true. The outlet states that Andromeda's shift to Frostbite resulted in the loss of some world-building elements.

With the mediocre reception that game received, going back to Unreal Engine may be best for capturing these details:

For Mass Effect: Andromeda, BioWare switched to EA’s Frostbite, which developer DICE originally created for its Battlefield shooters. But Mass Effect — and BioWare’s followup Anthem — lost something in the transition from Unreal to Frostbite, and that was apparent in elements like ambient world animation. Where a nightclub in the original Mass Effect would have dozens of dancing characters, Anthem’s characters would remain motionless and still until you approached them.

Bioware is hard at work producing this new episode, alongside another Dragon Age, which is supposedly aiming for a 2023 launch.

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