EA Motive Teases New Dead Space Remake Features

As promised, EA Motive hosted an extensive Dead Space Remake livestream revealing an early look at the isolation horror experience. The development team also confirmed Gunner Wright is reprising his role as the lone engineer Isaac and said for the first time that the Dead Space Remake will have no microtransactions.

Motive’s Phillipe Ducharme and Roman Campos-Oriola gave a brief overview of some new features Dead Space Remake introduces, including a dismemberment and weapons system built on new technology.

Image showing dead space remake early build
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Aside from filleting Necromorphs in more detail than ever before, the new system tells you how effective weapons are against enemies based on how much flesh they remove from your foe’s bones.

In other words, Dead Space Remake is not for the weak stomach-ed among us.

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EA Motive Teases New Dead Space Remake Features

Image showing Dead Space Remake Necromorph
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Combat is just one aspect getting a revamp. Ducharme and Campos-Oriola said they’re adding several additional features in areas such as the Zero-G segments to help not just smooth out movement and make it feel more natural, but to also add new challenges to keep longtime fans surprised.

They also said the Remake goes further in placing Dead Space in better context viz a viz later games in the series, the anime, and even the Dead Space books. That includes having more interactions with and development for important characters, along with telling the story through enhanced environments and presentation.

Image showing a Dead Space Remake graphics comparison
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That said, the Dead Space Remake is still staying true to the original’s fundamental essence. Immersion in an isolated environment is at its core, and Motive is sticking to its original rules for Isaac to help create that sense.

While our lone hero will speak more and have a voice in important conversations, he’s almost entirely silent in the Ishimura’s cold, deadly corridors, save a few instances where he’ll speak to himself.

So far, there’s no word on when we can expect the Dead Space Remake to release, though it’s likely still a ways off. Camps-Oriola said they weren’t even comfortable showing full combat footage against the Dummy Slashers since development is still at such an early stage.

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