Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Exceeded EA's Sales Expectations

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Commander Shepard returned this year through the Mass Effect: Legendary Collection, a remastered package of the original trilogy of games.

Despite a long nine years since the finale, it seems like the sci-fi phenomenon is still in demand.


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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Exceeded EA's Sales Expectations

CEO Andrew Wilson discussed Electronics Arts' progress in the company's latest quarterly earnings call.

Despite announcing the news that EA is doubling down on its live-service strategy for games like Apex Legends and DICE's forthcoming Battlefield 2042, Wilson discussed the success of various single-player games.


Specifically, the impressive sales of the Legendary Edition have been highlighted:

The launch of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, the remaster of the first 3 Mass Effect games, reignited the passion of fans around the world, driving sales performance well above our expectations.

Wilson also underlined Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order's strong shift to next-gen systems:

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order coming to the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 was also a moment for new and returning players to jump into that amazing game.

The EA CEO confirmed that both series will be further established in the years to come:

We’re continuing to invest in both of these franchises as well as more of our amazing IP.

Hopefully, N7 enthusiasts won't have to wait much longer as a new Mass Effect episode was announced last year. While a Jedi Fallen Order sequel has been in development for some time.