Marvel's Avengers Quake Fanart Looks absolutely brilliant

Whatever your thoughts on Marvel's Agents of Shield, Agent Daisy Johnson, formerly known as Skye, and now known as the Inhuman Quake, was one of the stand out characters to grace the show.

In seven seasons, the genius-level hacker and devoted S.H.I.E.L.D. operative was easily one of the best things along with giving Phil Coulson a lot more screentime.

The show has now bowed out and it's not entirely clear where the series sits anymore, with some suggesting that Marvel Studios may have decided that the series is no longer canon.

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This all largely stems from Disney+ removing Agents of SHIELD from MCU continuity by positioning it in the same category as non-MCU films like the Fantastic Four films and the X-Men franchise.

Regardless though, fans still love Agents of Shield and one such fan art that we've stumbled across has envisioned what Quake might look like if Square Enix ever decided to bring her to Marvel's Avengers.

Take a look below:

Quake fanart in Marvel's Avengers style by @cloganart
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Quake fanart in Marvel's Avengers style by @cloganart

The image in question comes from character artist Charles Logan (@cloganart) who shared the piece on Twitter.

Logan also works as a lead artist with a developer called ROTU Entertainment who are working on a new VR game called 'Rhythm of the Universe: Ionia'. So if you like the look of his work maybe go check out what else he's working on.

For now though, who else would you like to see in Marvel's Avengers? Is there anyone else from the extended MCU you'd like to see released as future DLC?

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