Marvel's Avengers Tier List: Which Characters Are Best To Play As?

Marvel's Avengers Tier List

Marvel's Avengers Tier List

Marvel's Avengers has been out for a few months now, launching with a roster of six iconic heroes to play as, and we've seen two more added since.

Not all are created equal, though. Whether it's iffy flight mechanics or just dull combos, there are some that have made the transition to videogame form more successfully than others.

Here's our (totally subjective) list of Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

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Marvel's Avengers Tier List: Which Characters Are Best?

1) Captain America

Ok, he's arguably not the most exciting character in the game, but Cap is a great all-rounder.

His shield offers solid defensive capabilities, but it can also be thrown and ricocheted. He's also deadly at close range, able to pummel enemies into submission, particularly when used to boost other players' heroic abilities with Rally Cry.

Put simply, you need a Cap on your team, and he's great fun to play as, too.

2) Thor

Thor has no real weaknesses, which is perhaps to be expected since, you know, he's an actual god.

He can fly around the battlefield without feeling too unwieldy, but can also dish out plenty of punishment with Mjolnir - even pinning baddies down with the iconic weapon.

Then there's the ability to unleash the Bifrost, arguably the game's best Ultimate ability, and boost allies with his lightning attacks. In short, he's the total package.

3) Hulk

Sure, he smashes, but Hulk is arguably the most enjoyable character to play as. Chaining his leaps together to build momentum and then unleashing a Macho Man Randy Savage-style elbow drop from the air is one of life's simplest pleasures.

His various ground pounds and combos make for excellent crowd-control, especially when you grab an enemy or two and swing them around as weapons.

Hulk's Rage meter actually heals him when attacking, so keep swinging those big green fists and if things get too dicey, use Boneshaker to ensure incoming damage is minimised.

4) Black Widow

Arguably the game's most all-around useful character, Black Widow is a great pick for shooter fans.

Widow is able to swing with her grapple hook and unload three different types of weapons at enemies - making her a dream against aerial enemies. She's no slouch on the ground, too, and is able to bring enemies in close or bring them down using Widow's Bite.

While Veil of Shadows is fun, it's not the most useful ability. Thankfully, Power Surge allows her to swing a melee weapon and deal huge damage for a surprisingly long time - perfect for burning through bosses.

5/6) Hawkeye/Kate Bishop

Ok, so we're cheating somewhat. While both Clint and Kate have their own movesets, their overall utility is similar.

Both are, as you'd imagine, pretty handy from range, and while Hawkeye's sword is great, Kate's ability to teleport means both are able to close the distance and get in close.

If we had to pick between the two, we'd be leaning towards Clint though. Kate's Decoy ability feels a little too situational, while Clint's ability to heal teammates from distance can make all the difference in a tough fight.

7) Ms Marvel

We're sorry to say that Ms Marvel, despite being the star of the game's (excellent) campaign, is at the wrong end of our tier list.

Being able to grow and deal extra damage is great, but as an Ultimate, it's not something you can use often. High Five is fun when you want to slap enemies silly, but it's also easy to miss your shot.

Her Whirling Wallop attack is great for setting up combos, but her real strength is her support Heroic which lets her recover her teammates' health.

8) Iron Man

We're sorry, Tony, we really are. The Armoured Avenger just isn't all that fun to play as, despite his cooler elements.

For one, flight is clunky at best and firing while flying is almost impressively inaccurate. The ability to switch between weapons is fun, but it's rare that you'll need anything other than the repulsor blasts, and the Unibeam Heroic is over all too quickly.

The best part about Iron Man's kit is the Hulkbuster armour, and while this boosts damage considerably, it's still a little too easy to miss your attacks.

What's your tier list? Let us know!

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