Marvel's Avengers' MCU Hulk Skin Has Leaked

Marvel's Avengers kicks off its Tachyon Anomaly event today, but it appears its next one has leaked a little earlier than anticipated.

While the game's roadmap shows that Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) inspired outfits are making an appearance in the coming months, one Reddit post appears to have leaked one for Hulk.

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Marvel's Avengers' MCU Hulk Skin Has Leaked

The post, seen below, shows a short clip of Hulk standing in his Stretchable Suit within the game's menu screens.

We don't yet know the origin of the clip, but the suit is instantly recognisable as the one that Hulk dons in Avengers Endgame after Bruce Banner grows to bond with his larger, greener self and meld his brains with Hulk's brawn.

Whether the rest of the skins will be Endgame focused is anyone's guess, but it's certainly a fresh look for this virtual version of the Hulk.

I'm not sure if it'll displace my 'Planet Hulk' gladiatorial-style outfit, though.

For more on Avengers, check out the latest patch notes and this week's coolest (non-leaked) skin.

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