Marvel's Avengers Adding Tachyon Anomaly Event Next Week

Marvel's Avengers will add a new event next week dubbed the Tachyon Anomaly.

The event, which kicks off on April 22, will introduce the opportunity for players to squad up with duplicate heroes for the first time, meaning if you've wanted to play as a squad of Hulks, now's your chance.

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Marvel's Avengers Adding Tachyon Anomaly Event Next Week

The narrative reasoning for this is through the nefarious AIM meddling, causing timelines to merge, and it'll hopefully improve the game's lengthy matchmaking times.

Players that log in between April 22 and May 3 will be able to take on new Tachyon Rift Missions, as well as a weekly mission chain with Priority Gear up for grabs.

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To take part, you'll need to have finished the SHIELD Substation Zero mission quest, and you'll also want to be of a high enough level.

Finally, players can snag some new nameplates. Aside from an animated, hero-agnostic one earned from beating the weekly mission chain, there are new options coming to the Marketplace, too.

From April 22 to 29, you can buy nameplates for Thor, Black Widow, Hulk, and new addition Hawkeye.

From April 29 to May 6, you'll be able to get them for Iron Man, Captain America, and Kate Bishop.

Tachyon Anomaly was announced last month as part of the game's roadmap.

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